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  • Date of completion: November 2009
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Image from خف حنين

خف حنين

Egypt | Nov 2009 | 3:30
Director: Mohamed Ghazala
A lost man with his camel in the desert search for his shoe.
Image from L'uomo dei sogni

L'uomo dei sogni

Italy | Nov 2009 | 24:00
Directors: Alberto Mascia, Alessandro Capitani
Silvia, a thirty-five year old cab driver in Rome, is a bright, cheerful and independent woman. In spite or perhaps because of this, she has yet to fi...
Image from Naufrago


Spain | Nov 2009 | 8:15
Directors: Carlos Belda, Jose Manuel Cuesta, Juan Manuel Monesterio
An unhappy shipwrecked arrives to a desert island where there is a telephone cab and a seagull stoles his last coin.
A fight to death for recovering ...

Anica 2148 "The Scale War"

United States | Nov 2009 | 18:22
Director: Sean Lawless
This is part one of the series we are planning shoot starting up in April 2010. Part 2 will be the hunt for the main character.
Image from Teclópolis


Argentina | Nov 2009 | 12:10
Director: Javier Mrad
Once upon a time old magazines dancing in the wind. Suddenly, a mouse; and then a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny, while a s...


Peru | Nov 2009 | 20:00
Director: Gastón Vizcarra Olivares
Ukuku must retrieve sacred ice from the Andes. When he finds none, he begins a quest. In the coast he will find ice and an unexpected destiny.

Die Norm

Italy | Nov 2009 | 20:00
Director: Giovanni Truppa
He is at peace with himself

The Carbonara

United Kingdom | Nov 2009 | 4:07
Director: Alice Fiorica
Federica offers to teach James Italian cooking, but there are more secrets on offer than how to make the perfect pasta.
Image from Lizard


Australia | Nov 2009 | 2:36
Director: John Skibinski
A frilled neck lizard’s simple attempt to get a meal, escalates into a full blown dilemma and quest to stay alive.

Hands 2 Mouth - A Garden Grows

United States | Nov 2009 | 15:00
Director: Anthony Geathers
An unlikely collection of people come together with organic food expert Joan Gussow to create a garden that would raise food & awareness in an under s...
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