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  • Date of completion: November 2009
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Image from Jr. Posse

Jr. Posse

United States | Nov 2009 | 10:30
Director: Michele Ervin
Equestrian offers a source of co-therapy—the connection between the riders and horses is maintained as they lift the hopes and self-esteem of each oth...

Tre Minuta Vetmi

Kosovo | Nov 2009 | 22:00
Director: Visar Krusha
Flamur is a thirty five years old gay man who is living a lonely and frustrated routine life in Kosovo, facing big challenges in trying to integrate h...

The Catalyst

United States | Nov 2009 | 13:25
Director: Dawn Westlake
Frank and Francis have been separated for 11 months, but they've not told her family...yet.
Image from One Man's Walk

One Man's Walk

United Kingdom | Nov 2009 | 1:30
Director: Kenneth Mitchell
A boy walks down a street. We do not see his face. He is the event but we don't know why. He tells us his likes and dislikes as he passes through the ...
Image from The Empress

The Empress

Canada | Nov 2009 | 8:25
Director: Lyle Pisio
Two strangers fall in love across a dingy bar and have an affair that exists only in their minds and shadows.
Image from Nadzvis Khis Istoria

Nadzvis Khis Istoria

Georgia | Nov 2009 | 5:00
Director: Giorgi Tskhvediani
A fir-tree becomes a necessary item for Christmas day.

Soul Flowers

United Kingdom | Nov 2009 | 13:49
Director: Tor Kristoffersen
Andy Butters throws aside the dependable potato and risks the future of his farm and daughter on magical Soul Flowers
Image from Rainy Saturday

Rainy Saturday

Poland | Nov 2009 | 3:48
Director: Jakub Klawikowski
Some of the best Polish MTB riders take a trip to a skatepark in Czech Republic.

Anica 2148 "The Scale War"

United States | Nov 2009 | 18:22
Director: Sean Lawless
This is part one of the series we are planning shoot starting up in April 2010. Part 2 will be the hunt for the main character.
Image from Lola


Philippines | Nov 2009 | 6:30
Director: Joey Agbayani
Lola is an 'aswang', a combination of vampire, witch, and shape-shifter. She is hired as an actress by a very ambitious and demanding director who exp...
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