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  • Date of completion: November 2009
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Image from Rainy Saturday

Rainy Saturday

Poland | Nov 2009 | 3:48
Director: Jakub Klawikowski
Some of the best Polish MTB riders take a trip to a skatepark in Czech Republic.

100 Dnů

Czech Republic | Nov 2009 | 21:45
Director: Viera Čákanyová
Béla, a retired Hungarian bio-molecular scientist is waiting for death. In the meantime, he has some things to say.
Image from MoDoM


United States | Nov 2009 | 19:13
Director: Mark Savage
Two well-respected scientists, Barry and Rochelle, cope with being traded on by their own company. Barry lived his most of his life at the Independent...
Image from Jr. Posse

Jr. Posse

United States | Nov 2009 | 10:30
Director: Michele Ervin
Equestrian offers a source of co-therapy—the connection between the riders and horses is maintained as they lift the hopes and self-esteem of each oth...
Image from La Pelota de Fútbol

La Pelota de Fútbol

Uruguay | Nov 2009 | 10:56
Director: Laura González
A latin boy, a Moroccan boy and a Spanish girl want to play football together but their parents don't let them to relate to each other.

Joel Levi "It’s Easy to Be Alone"

United States | Nov 2009 | 4:39
Director: Andrew Quinn
A man's journey as he copes with a lost love.


Denmark | Nov 2009 | 29:00
Director: Birgitte Staermose
Children are trying to survive the aftermath of war in Kosovo by selling cigarettes on the street.
Image from L'occasione


Italy | Nov 2009 | 27:00
Director: Alessandro Capitani
The financial consultant Gregorio Fabbri divides his life between a dominating wife and a frustrating, dead-end job. On his fortieth birthday, his wif...
Image from Naufrago


Spain | Nov 2009 | 8:15
Directors: Carlos Belda, Jose Manuel Cuesta, Juan Manuel Monesterio
An unhappy shipwrecked arrives to a desert island where there is a telephone cab and a seagull stoles his last coin.
A fight to death for recovering ...
Image from The Seasons

The Seasons

Russia | Nov 2009 | 5:35
Director: Andrey Letushov
Film - emotion. Pointer inspired by traditional Armenian music represents the time calendar fish.
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