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  • Date of completion: January 2009
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Image from A Peacock-Feathered Blue

A Peacock-Feathered Blue

United States | Jan 2009 | 14:50
Director: Jenna Milly
A 9-year-old boy who's failing science decides to invent a new color in order to win the science fair.
Image from Siubhlachan


United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 5:45
Director: Uisdean Murray
A poignant tale about a young girl, Seonag, who travels back in time to visit her recently deceased Grandfather.
Image from Witchidk


Italy | Jan 2009 | 3:40
Director: Mauro Frau
A man in a subway wonders about the presence of a little white monkey right by his side.
Image from Trouble on a Plane

Trouble on a Plane

United States | Jan 2009 | 8:00
Director: Maxime Brulein
When the mysterious Dr. Edwards is found lifeless during a flight on board of a private jet, all three other passengers become prime suspects. While t...
Image from +1°C


Hungary | Jan 2009 | 1:57
Director: Dénes Ruzsa
What may be waiting for us if we don’t do something about global warming soon?
Image from Teddy


New Zealand | Jan 2009 | 13:00
Director: Christopher Banks
A faded old teddy bear decides the fate of a relationship during one man’s holiday to rural New Zealand.
Image from El Segundo Amanecer de la Ceguera

El Segundo Amanecer de la Ceguera

Spain | Jan 2009 | 11:00
Director: Mauricio Franco Tosso
El no fue a dormir. Ella no paró de pensar. Al décimo día se vieron.
Image from A Cigarette For Two

A Cigarette For Two

Switzerland | Jan 2009 | 1:00
Director: Simon Baumann
In a relationship, sharing is not always fun.
In other words, one woman's meat is another man's poison.
Image from Homeland


Czech Republic | Jan 2009 | 6:25
Director: Juan de Dios Marfil
Where there´s a will, there´s a way.
Image from Left Unspoken

Left Unspoken

Australia | Jan 2009 | 6:46
Director: Avi Lewin
Have you ever loved someone but didn't have the courage to tell them how you feel? If you got the opportunity would you take a chance?
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