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  • Date of completion: January 2009
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Germany | Jan 2009 | 25:00
Director: Paul Negoescu
A family renovate their apartment. The grandma, the mother and the son have different priorities.
Image from Prayer in the Night

Prayer in the Night

Denmark | Jan 2009 | 4:04
Director: Inma Carpe
Eroticism. Passion and music are involved in the love story between Louis and Selene, when still were god and goddness , living in a imaginary world
Image from Kaïn


Belgium | Jan 2009 | 16:10
Director: Kristof Hoornaert
A young man commits a horrible murder. His suffering body carries the guilt of his cruel act, showing us his tragic human condition.
Image from Gobolino


Greece | Jan 2009 | 4:28
Director: Damianos Voganatsis
A child, listening to a fairytale, realises a primitive fear of being abandoned and rejected from his family.
Image from Os Teus Últimos Dias Como Criança

Os Teus Últimos Dias Como Criança

Portugal | Jan 2009 | 1:33
Director: Bruno Carnide
What if your life was a toy?
Image from The Return of Ellen Love

The Return of Ellen Love

United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 4:30
Director: Ben Barton
At midnight, Ellen Love returns to the grave of her beloved in a moonlit, Gothic dream.
Image from The Party

The Party

United States | Jan 2009 | 10:50
Director: Jonathan Browning
Women at a sex toy party
Image from Mama, L'Chaim!

Mama, L'Chaim!

Germany | Jan 2009 | 5:23
Director: Elkan Spiller
Chaim (63) lives together with his mother (96), a concentration camp survivor, in a Jewish elderly home in Antwerp.

El Bache

Cuba | Jan 2009 | 11:16
Director: Juan Caunedo
Three men drinking rum at the corner of his neighbourhood in Habana. They talk about a tip they have in front of them: how to fix it.
Image from Fanatic


United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 23:15
Director: Paul Robinson
A man works on the 33rd floor of a tall office building. Each day he takes the elevator to the 26th floor, then, climbs the remaining seven flights of...
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