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Moon Into Blood

United States | Dec 2009 | 9:40
Director: Einar Baldvin
Down on his luck drunkard Morton Daniels is hired by the Sweaty Man to track down murderer Doctor Hauer.
Image from The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo

United Kingdom | 2009 | 26:58
Directors: Jakob Schuh, Max Lang
A mouse takes a walk though the woods in search of a nut. Encountering three predators who all wish to eat him - a fox, an owl and a snake - the pluck...
Image from Kto by pomyślał?

Kto by pomyślał?

Poland | Oct 2009 | 10:41
Director: Ewa Borysewicz
A certain man disappears under unclear circumstances. What has happened to him? Was something troubling him? What kind of life did he lead? These are ...
Image from uShaka


South Africa | Oct 2009 | 5:00
Director: Axel C. Kalonji
This is a day in the uShaka village walk. Patrick is trying to believe what he is seing and has to get used to that.
Image from And Me for Myself

And Me for Myself

Greece | Aug 2009 | 20:00
Director: Georgis Grigorakis
Antonis always goes by train. He is in a rush to make it on time. His recent past keeps catching up on him. Reality does not allow him to escape the i...
Image from Corto


Colombia | Jul 2009 | 8:10
Director: Dairo Cervantes
Love or fantasy… there are no dilemmas, there are voltages.

White Story

Italy | 2009
Director: Adel Oberto
Due gangster si ritrovano sperduti nella campagna toscana dopo aver rapito una sposa il giorno del suo matrimonio. In seguito a una serie di vicissitu...


Sweden | Dec 2009 | 28:00
Directors: Mimmi Spång, Maja Lindström
The Lindstrom family, artists and participants in the 1968 protests, move to a bourgeois suburb of Stockholm in the early 80s.
Image from 象山


United States | Jun 2009 | 15:12
Directors: Mier Tang, Dalton Grant, Jr
This is a Chinese myth about an ancient elephant that is left behind by the gods. yet manages to discover his own power and purpose on earth.


Portugal | Apr 2009 | 7:00
Director: Filipe Abranches
The misadventure of an old woman obsessed with birds and her son, who thinks he can fly.
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