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Image from Tentations


Morocco | Aug 2009 | 19:00
Director: Mohcine Nadifi
Four young drug addicts out of control got arrested by a police officer.
Image from Siubhlachan


United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 5:45
Director: Uisdean Murray
A poignant tale about a young girl, Seonag, who travels back in time to visit her recently deceased Grandfather.

Benny the Stonedancer

United States | 2009
Director: Ryen Bartlett
A homeless street artist lives in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Benny has a unique art form in which he balances rocks into gravity-defying tow...
Image from Un Café pour l'Amérique

Un Café pour l'Amérique

Luxembourg | Apr 2009 | 19:57
Director: Jossy Mayor
Pierre, a very shy man in his 60s faces the prospect of retirement without family or friends.
Image from Zerebrale Dichotomie

Zerebrale Dichotomie

Austria | 2009 | 2:13
Director: Florian Juri
Most people have found themselves in situations where they have got to choose between two things. But sometimes that seems quite hard, as if two myste...
Image from Decent People

Decent People

United States | Oct 2009 | 15:14
Director: Amir Shoucri
A kindergarten teacher in her twenties deals with complications
in her love life, including her comatose ex-boyfriend.

Rött Ljus

Sweden | May 2009 | 10:45
Director: Jerry Carlsson
A divorced couple have to go in the same car to their grandchild's lucia show. On their way to the church they stop at a strange traffic light. When t...

Se ci dobbiamo andare andiamoci

Italy | 2009
Director: Vito Palmieri
san giovanni in persiceto, nella 3a della scuola media mameli si mescolano destini che vengono da lontano.

Tre Minuta Vetmi

Kosovo | Nov 2009 | 22:00
Director: Visar Krusha
Flamur is a thirty five years old gay man who is living a lonely and frustrated routine life in Kosovo, facing big challenges in trying to integrate h...

Just Like the Others

Australia | 2009
Director: Jackie van Beek
Calvin lives in a council flat with his Mum, Grandma and two little brothers. He wants to fit in with the other kids on the estate but he can't afford...
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