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Image from Incredible Adaption

Incredible Adaption

India | Jan 2009 | 29:30
Directors: Nishad Rana, Nitin Keswani
What kind of this Incredible Adaption is...
Image from Madagascar - Carnet de Voyage

Madagascar - Carnet de Voyage

France | 2009
Director: Bastien Dubois
Recounting the journey of a Western traveller confronted with Madagascar Famadihana traditions.

Martwe Pole

Poland | 2009 | 10:00
Director: Tomasz Popakul
This is dead field. Mines can be everywhere.
Image from Pueblos Sin Camino

Pueblos Sin Camino

Spain | Mar 2009 | 44:45
Director: Jorge Tsabutzoglu
Fernando, an almost-retired man from Zaragoza, tries to find the way to move to the Valle de la Guarguera, where are the main Spanish ecovillages.
Image from La Preda

La Preda

Italy | Jan 2009 | 18:00
Director: Francesco Apice
On coming out of school, a father fetches his two sons Giulio and Lorenzo, 11 and 9 years old. In his new flaming sports car, the father drives the ch...
2 awards

Quand maman sera partie

France | 2009
Director: Christophe Monier
Guillaume is a retarded who works at a funeral home.
Image from Little World

Little World

Austria | Sep 2009 | 18:50
Director: Marco F. Zimprich
Sebastian's world revolves around old vynils, his home and a pretty counter girl working in a vintage record store. As days go by, their worlds will n...


Spain | 2009
Director: Tony Lopez
A young man arrives in a discotheque, confused. When he suddenly sees “her”, he experiences unique and indescribable feelings and voices extraordinary...
Image from Estocolmo


Spain | May 2009 | 9:38
Director: Jesús Manuel Fuentes Cortés
Mila's social success holds on a pair of heels with mark her steps,regressive, when she goes back home & she is returned to the back of her appearance
Image from As Figurante$

As Figurante$

Brazil | Dec 2009 | 17:44
Director: Luiz Rosemberg Filho
Duas jovens atrizes formadas, que pela falta de trabalho, são obrigadas a serem figurantes num filme de capa espada rodado no ambiente ao lado.
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