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  • Date of completion: December 2008
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That's Magic

United States | Dec 2008 | 15:00
Director: Brandon McCormick
A magician who has lost his way, rediscovers true magic.


United States | Dec 2008 | 19:00
Director: Rolando Sanchez
Nicholas a married man tries to confront his complex childhood past but in doing so it may be too late to save his marriage.
Image from Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Serbia | Dec 2008 | 15:00
Director: Mihajlo Jevtic
Fedja, drummer in a funeral orchestra is living with his son Nikola, drummer in a heavy metal band. Fedja wants to make a small party with his graveya...
Image from The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth

United States | Dec 2008 | 7:30
Director: Gerald Guthrie
'The Whole Truth' is an animated work that analyzes certain aspects of human interaction by decontextualizing individual contributions to an 'overly p...
Image from Magic Kisa

Magic Kisa

France | Dec 2008 | 32:40
Director: Mathieu Saliva
Twin brothers meet again after years of separation. One leaves prison and the other lined up and founded a family. Associated by long years of swindle...
Image from Midnight Special

Midnight Special

Canada | Dec 2008 | 9:00
Director: Aadhi Vive
A Lonely unlikely prisoner Imagines about released from prison, and looking for his loved ones, Only to find out they are deceased, and he is unfit fo...
Image from Kfarmatta, village interdit

Kfarmatta, village interdit

Lebanon | Dec 2008 | 26:00
Director: Mirna Mounayar
Kfarmatta, a Lebanese village was forbidden to a big part of it’s inhabitants, who were displaced for 25 years.
Image from Le Feuillu

Le Feuillu

France | Dec 2008 | 16:10
Director: Rémy Cayuela
Patrick and Marie have been seeing each other only for a fornight. Marie offers Patrick to spend a romantic weekend in her family house in the country...
Image from The 100th Job

The 100th Job

Brazil | Dec 2008 | 20:33
Director: Micki Mihich
A killer prepares to execute the job that will promote him in the crime organization. In doing so, he takes us deep into the dark business of contract...

Bric Brac

Romania | Dec 2008 | 16:48
Director: Gabriel Achim
A film director tries to persuade the main actor to continue playing his part in the film.
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