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  • Date of completion: October 2008
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Image from Harvest Home

Harvest Home

United States | Oct 2008 | 10:08
Director: Craig Whitney
An elderly woman (Diane Hruska), whose children have all grown up and left home, struggles to readjust to the world and find new purpose in her life.

Nisi Sama

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Oct 2008 | 19:49
Director: Srdjan Rodic
Muharem follows Zoe home from a dance. He proposes her to marry him and leave in London, but she refuses. He arranges a meeting in Sarajevo.
Image from Het Vogeltjes ABC

Het Vogeltjes ABC

South Africa | Oct 2008 | 5:17
Director: Diek Grobler
Little birds make sounds to teach children the letters of the Alphabet.
Image from Nga Taumaru

Nga Taumaru

New Zealand | Oct 2008 | 14:00
Director: Michael Jonathan
A brilliant and exquisitely terrifying trip into the haunted soul of a man tormented by demonic shadows.
Image from Sanctio Altus

Sanctio Altus

United Kingdom | Oct 2008 | 43:21
Director: Oliver Hollingdale
Two characters unravel dark secrets of Lord Voldemort, with such great knowledge they feel the safest person to tell is Dumbledore.


United States | Oct 2008 | 20:00
Director: Lalo Vasquez
On the outside, Stu and Chris appear to be the perfect couple. It isn't until the eve of their wedding that past indiscretions are revealed causing un...
Image from Die Schneider Krankheit

Die Schneider Krankheit

Spain | Oct 2008 | 10:10
Director: Javier Chillon
The fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country.

Into the Woods

United Kingdom | Oct 2008 | 5:42
Director: Matt Taabu
A misunderstanding between a family and a non-English speaking stranger leads to far-reaching consequences.
Image from O Dia M

O Dia M

Brazil | Oct 2008 | 14:40
Director: Paulo Leierer
Almeida, a 35 year-old ordinary man, is forced to make the arrangements for his death.


Greenland | Oct 2008 | 10:00
Director: Thomas Whitworth
A British Arctic explorer discusses the perils of living in his new home of Scoresbysund, Greenland, where he uses traditional dog sledding techniques...
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