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  • Date of completion: July 2008
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Image from Fuglen


Norway | Jul 2008 | 11:20
Director: Torfinn Iversen
Sixteen-year old Per comes home and finds out that his father has got a new girlfriend. Per discovers that the woman is very attractive and desirable.
Image from Sucker


United Kingdom | Jul 2008 | 12:00
Director: Keir Black
The man with the most boring job in the world is desperate to break the monotony - but excitement comes in a form he'd never have wanted.
Image from Top Secret - Ein Neuer Agent

Top Secret - Ein Neuer Agent

Switzerland | Jul 2008 | 36:00
Director: Sebastian Klinger
In the mountains, Ben experience a secret launch of a rocket. With two agents, he goes into the matter. An action-loaded race against time begins!
Image from Trapped


Australia | Jul 2008 | 17:00
Director: Alison Plasto
An exploration of one man’s freedom against
another’s imprisonment. Through our own volition we can become
trapped in our lives. This film explores ...
Image from Symphony


United States | Jul 2008 | 5:19
Director: Erick Oh
A sentient creature tryies to escape from a reality of being swept away and assimilated into the mainstream, regardless of its own will.
Image from Day and Night

Day and Night

Australia | Jul 2008 | 5:00
Director: Melissa Tan
Michael would appear to have it all - money, a good home and a loving wife. That is until his jealous co-worker uncovers a shameful secret.

Wo Chi Shi Yi Chi Pao

Taiwan | Jul 2008 | 10:32
Director: Hsin-Wei Chen
The Dynamic depletion of body or the spirit wondering around? The differences between movement and still. The measurable distance opposite to the dist...
Image from Suspended


United States | Jul 2008 | 1:50
Director: Jonathan Garda
A couple's life is too busy for her to notice that he can't hang-in-there much longer.
Image from The Blind Date of Coffin Joe

The Blind Date of Coffin Joe

United States | Jul 2008 | 10:00
Director: Raymond Castile
Brazil's "Coffin Joe" tries to find a wife through a reality TV series.
Image from Le Courrier du Parc

Le Courrier du Parc

France | Jul 2008 | 9:00
Director: Agnès Caffin
In a park, a young man employs a child to go and talk to his fiancée. The child attempts, in his own way, to re-establish the dialogue between the cou...
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