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Image from La Désinvolture

La Désinvolture

Belgium | 2008 | 3:52
Director: Charline Lancel
Une femme pend son linge dans un champ de graminées.
Image from 35'te 3

35'te 3

Turkey | Jul 2008 | 20:00
Directors: Murat Eldem, Tuna Yilmaz
One city, three strangers...

My Happy End

Germany | 2008
Director: Milen Vitanov
All dogs chase their own tails. One day, a dog manages to catch it. They become best friends, with drastic consequences for the dog's life.

Bric Brac

Romania | Dec 2008 | 16:48
Director: Gabriel Achim
A film director tries to persuade the main actor to continue playing his part in the film.

Beneath the Tides

Australia | 2008
Director: Jacqueline Archer
A woman on the brink of giving up - burdened with depression and haunted by memories, she must decide the conclusion to her own fate-ridden tale. A be...
Image from La Pistola

La Pistola

Italy | Aug 2008
Director: Enrico Ranzanici
Elio and Jaqueline are living serenely their middle-age couple life. They pursue the simple every day life till an unexpected event breaks their harmo...

La Clef du Problème

France | 2008
Director: Guillaume Cotillard
Pierre is late, his flight takes off in two hours and he has to take his passport at home. Problem: he does not find his keys...
Image from Hvordan de Danser

Hvordan de Danser

Denmark | Jan 2008 | 5:40
Director: Jesper Ravn
How They Dance is a documentary about ordinary people who love to dance. The film is a funny and unconventional portrait of these people.


Sweden | 2008 | 13:00
Director: Jonas Odell
Three perfectly true stories about lying.


United States | 2008 | 9:50
Directors: James Longmire, Tristan Love
After witnessing the theft of his precious violin by a strange masked instrument thief, an old violinist is led on a chase down 'the rabbit hole' from...
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