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Ein Schloss Im Meer

France | 2008
Director: Barbel Pfander
A Grandfather comments on the photo taken before and during the war in the Germany, France, Russia.
Image from Sinopsis docu-drama

Sinopsis docu-drama

Romania | Feb 2008 | 23:17
Director: Vlad Trandafir
Marius, a film directing graduate, meets Mihai, a friend who works for a production company in Bucharest. Mihai arranges for him to meet the executive...
Image from Attackazoids!


United States | Jan 2008 | 7:07
Director: Brian Lonano
A mysterious woman spends her final hour on the run from massive killer robots.

The Control Master

United Kingdom | 2008
Director: Run Wrake
The story of a mysterious heroine and her unknown ally attempting to prevent the evil Dr. Moire destroying Halftone City, USA.


United Kingdom | 2008
Director: Marc Craste
A small creature struggles to preserve a remnant of the peace he once knew.

Being Frank

United Kingdom | 2008
Director: Jacob Kjær Pedersen
"Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction. That is not something we think. We know it!"
- Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 21.03.03

Image from Et kjærlighetskapittel

Et kjærlighetskapittel

Norway | Jan 2008 | 9:40
Director: Torfinn Iversen
16 year old Per brings his girlfriend with him for the first time where his grandfather is cutting a friends hair.


Czech Republic | 2008
Director: Zuzana Kirchnerova
"Mum didn't even ask me and she had brought Baba here. Now she is lying in the middle of my room. And I have to take care of her. All the time."


Spain | 2008
Director: Alex Montoya
Agustina can't see. María, the girl who looks after her, will open her eyes.
Image from Hvordan de Danser

Hvordan de Danser

Denmark | Jan 2008 | 5:40
Director: Jesper Ravn
How They Dance is a documentary about ordinary people who love to dance. The film is a funny and unconventional portrait of these people.
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