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Image from And Then She Was Gone

And Then She Was Gone

United States | 2008 | 6:40
Directors: Pete Konczal, Jacqueline Pennewill
A girl sits on a park bench to relive a moment in time and all of her fears are taken away through a chance meeting with a stranger.
Image from Pigeon Men

Pigeon Men

Australia | Jan 2008 | 7:53
Director: Marryanne Christodoulou
A group of men obsessed with the sport of pigeon-flying take us into their strange world.
Image from Mariza


Australia | Nov 2008 | 4:25
Director: Constantine Krystallis
An old fisherman faces his donkey's obstinacy.

Still Water

Greece | 2008
Director: Elina Fessa
A young woman and her son go to a Greek island, where the woman's father was drowned while swimming with her when she was the age of her son.

Wo Chi Shi Yi Chi Pao

Taiwan | Jul 2008 | 10:32
Director: Hsin-Wei Chen
The Dynamic depletion of body or the spirit wondering around? The differences between movement and still. The measurable distance opposite to the dist...
Image from Les Doigts de Pied

Les Doigts de Pied

Belgium | May 2008 | 11:13
Director: Laurent Denis
An old man calls on a representative of the undertaker's to decide of his future tomb. But he seems senile and accepts all that is suggested to him...
Image from Zuurstof


Netherlands | Nov 2008 | 9:15
Director: Jet Andree
A lot of coffee, no milk and maybe just enough oxygen.


United States | Nov 2008 | 1:32
Director: Ruth Liberman
Words are shot with a 45 caliber hand gun.

And What Remains

United States | 2008
Director: Marc Havener
Rick Cree takes his son to the small town where his father grew up to share the sights and sounds of his father’s past and search for the legacy he hi...

Prozrenie (Прозрение)

Russia | Oct 2008 | 25:00
Director: Gleb Dobrovolsky
In a spacious Moscow apartment there live Father, once famous and now forgotten writer, and his blind son Adam. One day, while on the way home, Father...
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