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X-Mes Detritus

United States | 2008
Director: Aurelio Voltaire
A dark look at gift-giving and the negative effect it has on the Earth.


United States | Oct 2008 | 14:00
Director: Dempsey Tillman
Justin hangs by a thread in a nightmarish world of desperation. Sharp-tongued Visitor arrives at Justin's door and launches a relentless interrogation...

The Incident at Tower 37

United States | 2008
Director: Chris Perry
In the middle of a dry, desolate landscape stands Tower 37: a shimmering water processing station, siphoning every last drop of water from a once pris...
Image from Cronos


Spain | Jun 2008 | 4:30
Director: Juan Pennisi
Something tells him to wake up but he is already awake. When your own unconsciousness is the enemy, survival becomes a race against the clock.
Image from Sinopsis docu-drama

Sinopsis docu-drama

Romania | Feb 2008 | 23:17
Director: Vlad Trandafir
Marius, a film directing graduate, meets Mihai, a friend who works for a production company in Bucharest. Mihai arranges for him to meet the executive...
Image from Přežít svou hru

Přežít svou hru

Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 9:01
Director: Veronika Göttlichová
The world according to Tim Burton - A story about a small-big girl named Agnes who during the way to the death finds her way to the life.

Harmonix: Rock Band

United Kingdom | 2008
Director: Pete Candeland
A tribute to the classic rock music video genre. The band thunders through the American desert landscape in a battered old car. As they progress towar...

A Vicinity Code

United Kingdom | 2008 | 5:00
Director: Thomas Whitworth
On a bizarre odyssey to discover some of the UK's weirdest village names, a young man stumbles upon a hidden code that probes at the current zeigeist.

Small Apartment

United States | 2008 | 8:00
Director: Andrew T Betzer
A middle-aged man, his son, and daughter-in-law explore love and perversion in 700 square feet of space.


Spain | Jan 2008 | 13:00
Director: Isaac Berrokal
A finales de la guerra civil española un padre y su hijo huyen para esconderse de la batalla. Un ataque les lleva a un pueblo en ruinas donde refugiar...
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