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  • Date of completion: December 2007
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Virgin Island

United States | Dec 2007 | 10:00
Director: Nehir Tuna
Skating,lingerie,pianos,ghost stories,music box,lady bug... All gimmicks to distract the mind,according to Lev. Lev,a skater and Igor,would be a piani...
Image from Encounter


United States | Dec 2007 | 5:14
Director: Lotus
Detective answers call at rural country home to find something quite different than a domestic dispute.
Image from Bishtprera


Albania | Dec 2007 | 10:00
Director: Gjin Varfi
In a foxes forest, something funny happened. The banal incident of the foxtail changes all the sincer relationship among foxes.

Pro Egika

Russia | Dec 2007 | 11:00
Director: Natalya Belyaeva
A boy comes to the kindergarten New Year party being dressed as Santa, but the teacher’s task was to be dressed as a hare. He is not allowed to take p...


Taiwan | Dec 2007 | 4:02
Director: Hsin-Wei Chen
I wrote to you with this typewriter. None of the traces could be erased. Not the printed words, not the stills on 35mm films I took, not the meanings,...

You Look Ridiculous in that Makeup

Spain | Dec 2007 | 8:54
Director: Juan Junquera
Fake. Fake Ophelia drowned in the bathtub. Fake Hamlet scared from black rivers of flowing make-up.

Poor Yorick

Russia | Dec 2007 | 18:00
Director: Sergey Gordeev
A skeleton awakening from the coffin makes an effort to search for his "Skull".

El Monte de la Luna

Spain | Dec 2007 | 10:22
Director: Pedro B. Abreu
¿Cómo es el amor sin caras? ¿Se puede contar una vida a través de las manos que pasan por ella?
Image from Butterfly


Albania | Dec 2007 | 9:30
Director: Stefan Taçi
An young painter girl, after a phone call, is going to meet her lover at their intimate meeting place. Is it true, all what's happen with the girl fan...
Image from Oira No Uta

Oira No Uta

Japan | Dec 2007 | 9:23
Director: Ryousuke Ogawa
In the 28th year of the Meiji period (1895), at a Susukino brothel, there was a beautiful Oiran named Kiyomi.
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