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  • Date of completion: November 2007
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Rico in the Night

Palestine | Nov 2007 | 8:10
Director: Mohanad Yaqubi
This short video-art collaboration between Yaqubi and French dancer-choreographer Jean Gaudin is evidence of a new standard and style of video art pro...


United States | Nov 2007 | 9:30
Director: Jef Taylor
An abstraction on romantic love.
Image from Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers

Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers

Canada | Nov 2007 | 5:00
Director: Conall Pendergast
A wicked little tale of pain, suffering, and fudging the numbers.
Image from Nous


France | Nov 2007 | 11:49
Director: Olivier Hems
A police officer carries out a search of a man's apartment and enters the life of someone who has been forgotten by everyone.
Image from Optech 1

Optech 1

United States | Nov 2007 | 2:50
Directors: Emma Sterling, Dan Monceaux
Optech 1 is an abstract screen dance of geometric forms set to an electronic score by Supermarket.
Image from Insónia


Portugal | Nov 2007 | 10:00
Directors: Pedro Noel da Luz, Hernâni Maria
Um homem tenta ter uma noite descansada de sono , mas uma súbita insónia leva-o a uma série de acontecimento inesperados.


Australia | Nov 2007 | 24:10
Director: Dennis Tupicoff
Frank and Ava Gardner live out in the country, amongst the kookaburras and the cattle. Their jobs are menial, but they are true romantics at heart. Mo...
Image from Situacionista


Bosnia and Herzegovina | Nov 2007 | 10:46
Director: Igor Bosnjak
Situacionista je eksperimentalni anti-narativni film koji prikazuje proces, èin hodanja.
Image from Something in the Dark

Something in the Dark

United States | Nov 2007 | 20:00
Directors: Mac Heefunks, Mike Stone, Emil Ink
There has been a murder and everyone is a suspect.
Image from Daughters of Snow

Daughters of Snow

Finland | Nov 2007 | 7:30
Director: Harri J. Rantala
Two sisters, Anniina and Emilia are enjoying a Scandinavian winter day. As the girls play with an ice sled their shared crush, attraction to the same ...
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