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  • Date of completion: January 2007
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Their Circumstances

United States | Jan 2007 | 10:00
Director: Jihyun Ahn
It tells a story about one day events which happen to one innocent family. There are five storylines, from four different characters' viewpoints. Stor...

Romantic Comedy

Israel | Jan 2007 | 21:00
Director: Veronica Kedar
A nightly encounter between a young introvert and a serial rapist proves to them both that people are never what they seem to be.

Breaking the Wall of Ignorance

India | Jan 2007 | 6:35
Director: Ashish Bhatia
This film is a documentary about mentally challenged kids. This film runs from the point of view of a girl whose parents hide her mentally challenged ...
Image from Das Gefrorene Meer

Das Gefrorene Meer

Germany | Jan 2007 | 27:00
Director: Lukas Miko
A film about the first big loss of confidence in the life of a child.

Ni oui ni nom

Belgium | Jan 2007 | 28:00
Director: Delphine Noels
An ordinary Sunday morning.

The parents, Paul and Estelle, would like to stay in bed.

The children, Camille and Louise, grow impatient and argue...


United States | Jan 2007 | 1:13
Director: Alejandro Rivas Micoud
A young lady discovers that first impressions are frequently wrong.
Image from Öö


Estonia | Jan 2007 | 15:00
Director: Jaanis Valk
In the later sixties of the 19th century, on a fishing boat, love, routine and the fulfillment of dreams collide. Events knock down the everyday life ...

The Job

United States | Jan 2007 | 3:11
Director: Jonathan Browning
The immigration debate just got a little funnier.
Image from Ladenhüter


Germany | Jan 2007 | 15:00
Director: Felix Stienz
One tiny shop. One Man. His clients. In the middle of Berlin. Every day life. And the deep wish just to get away from it all. What happens to the regu...
Image from Lóa


Iceland | Jan 2007 | 16:00
Director: Giil Taws
Night, Ben is wandering in the harbor, a little drunk. He manages to find a place to sleep under the stars. During a strange dream where he is taller,...
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