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France | 2007
Director: Subarna Thapa
In a tiny village in modern Nepal, death pays an untimely visit to the miller. The villagers must bury him, but those who remain are only old men, wom...
Image from Bulles


France | Feb 2007 | 12:44
Director: Damien Montaron
A little creature is going to find a way to escape and possibly to save his eyes-less fellows.
Image from The Electric Koi

The Electric Koi

United Kingdom | Oct 2007 | 8:18
Directors: Andrew Cope, Sam Lanyon-Jones
Satsuma, a young girl living on a strange and apparently deserted island one day discovers that she is no longer alone. The stranger brings with him a...

Andante Mezzo Forte

France | 2007
Director: Annarita Zambrano
Monday. Marc, a 16 year-old high school student, has a busy schedule for the week. He has to take his younger sister to school, negotiate a bit of fre...
Image from Bidcatcher


Netherlands | 2007
Directors: Marc Scmidt, Pim Zwier
Behind the steam of diesel and oil, creaking cogwheels and caterpillar tracks come to life. Fragments of an untiring melodic voice blow across the eno...
Image from Wie ich bin

Wie ich bin

Italy | Nov 2007 | 49:00
Directors: Caroline Leitner, Ingrid Demetz
"I'm like a hermit on an island", writes Patrick about his life.
Film about a teenager boy living with autism.


Turkey | Jun 2007 | 4:27
Director: H. Sercan Tunali
There was a child lived in a house near of station. He wakes up early in the morning because of noise of train. He likes marbles, and put them into hi...

Dans la Peau

Switzerland | Sep 2007 | 11:00
Director: Zoltan Horvath
What should have been a simple pick-up on the beach at night whirlpools into an incredible world of black-ink tattoos, red fantasies, sex and mytholog
Image from Something in the Dark

Something in the Dark

United States | Nov 2007 | 20:00
Directors: Mac Heefunks, Mike Stone, Emil Ink
There has been a murder and everyone is a suspect.
Image from Daughters of Snow

Daughters of Snow

Finland | Nov 2007 | 7:30
Director: Harri J. Rantala
Two sisters, Anniina and Emilia are enjoying a Scandinavian winter day. As the girls play with an ice sled their shared crush, attraction to the same ...
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