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Skin Deep

United States | 2007
Director: Erasmo Romero III
A mad scientist creates a hideous baby girl, who turns on her creator.
Image from Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

Belgium | Jun 2007 | 12:55
Director: Eric Ledune
“If you don’ t violate someone’s human rights some of the time, you probably aren’ t doing your job.” Washington Post - December 26, 2002
Image from A Day in a Life

A Day in a Life

Belgium | Oct 2007 | 21:15
Director: Nicolas Daenens
Mario and Tom are two street punks who want to rob a bank. They ask the young Turkish Emin to be their driver that day. Emin can use the money and acc...
Image from René


Switzerland | Jun 2007 | 29:00
Director: Tobias Nölle
René is a man who always wears a yellow raincape. His main occupation is trying to break out of his solitude. If you meet him and ask him to describe ...

Rico in the Night

Palestine | Nov 2007 | 8:10
Director: Mohanad Yaqubi
This short video-art collaboration between Yaqubi and French dancer-choreographer Jean Gaudin is evidence of a new standard and style of video art pro...

Quidam d'Gomme

France | 2007
Director: Remy Schaepman
In Paris, a pessimistic man, named Edgar, undergoes the infernal and repetitive ordinariness of his daily life. One day, a sheep lands on the roof opp...
Image from Something in the Dark

Something in the Dark

United States | Nov 2007 | 20:00
Directors: Mac Heefunks, Mike Stone, Emil Ink
There has been a murder and everyone is a suspect.


United States | 2007 | 4:59
Director: Gary Rydstrom
As his weary instructor looks on in disbelief, an alien abductor-in-training tries to maneuver a sleeping farmer onto their spaceship.

Songes d'une femme de menage

Belgium | 2007 | 15:00
Director: Banu Akseki
All day, Gül vacuums, scrapes and cleans. Always at the service of others, her life drifts by without joy. By accident, Gül catches a glimpse of the s...

The Aviatrix

United States | 2007
Director: Virginia Todd Burton
A gleaming silhouette rockets through the cosmos. She is The Aviatrix. And she exists in the mind of Anne, a young woman battling cancer.
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