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Germany | 2007
Director: Laura Lazzarin
Berlin. Three young people from Germany, France, Russia and their attempt to get closer, in spite of foreign languages and misunderstandings. With lig...


Argentina | 2007 | 3:30
Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella
A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her animated world.

Hole in the Paper Sky

United States | 2007 | 33:30
Director: Bill Purple
A misanthropic genius finds himself inexplicably drawn into an unexpected bond.
Image from Bang!


Spain | May 2007 | 2:23
Director: José "Bouman" Martínez
In Barcelona's heart, where the fantasy, imagination and the "swindlers" is in the order, began an history where nothing is what it seems to be.


Canada | Sep 2007 | 8:00
Director: Jay Molloy
The last five minutes of a volatile relationship.

The Job

United States | Jan 2007 | 3:11
Director: Jonathan Browning
The immigration debate just got a little funnier.
Image from Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

United States | May 2007 | 4:14
Director: Lidia Sheinin
Is there ever really a happy end?
Image from Das Geheime Kino

Das Geheime Kino

Germany | Apr 2007 | 33:30
Director: Michael Wolf
There's a place where all the films are shown that our parents warned us about...


Germany | 2007 | 9:00
Director: Markus Siebler
Ein Mann leidet an einer schweren, unheilbaren Krankheit und
geht an ihr zugrunde. Lange tappt der Zuschauer im Dunkeln,
wohin sich die Alltagsrouti...
Image from Daughters of Snow

Daughters of Snow

Finland | Nov 2007 | 7:30
Director: Harri J. Rantala
Two sisters, Anniina and Emilia are enjoying a Scandinavian winter day. As the girls play with an ice sled their shared crush, attraction to the same ...
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