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United States | 2006
Director: Paul Solet
A woman uses an experimental medical technique to assure a safe pregnancy, resulting in monstrous results.
Image from Nature


Romania | Jun 2006 | 4:45
Director: Valentin Partenie
A film about elements.
Image from Deadlock


Finland | Aug 2006 | 39:40
Directors: Elias Lehtinen, John Åhman
Deep in a snow-laden forest stands a desolate tower. Within it, a folder lies hidden. John and his two friends have set out on a mission to obtain thi...

One Man Band

United States | 2006 | 4:34
Directors: Mark Andrews, Andrew Jimenez
With one coin to make a wish at the piazza fountain, a peasant girl encounters two competing street performers who'd prefer the coin find its way into...

Kill the Alphabet

Australia | 2006
Director: Waine C Paris
A failed writer wants to kill himself only to find a publisher who wants to publish his suicide note.

One Rat Short

United States | 2006 | 10:00
Director: Alex Weil
One Rat Short takes place in two worlds—one a gritty, grimy and dark place—the other a sterile, white world.


Italy | 2006
Director: Massimo Sarzi Madidini
On a hot summer day in Bologna, Piran, a "street pigeon", is approached by Lucius, a magpie taking a survey on the problems of bird citizens. The pige...
Image from Chapeau de Fous

Chapeau de Fous

Belgium | Jun 2006 | 10:00
Director: Dimitri Lurie
When Jeff takes in use an old bowl-hat, he sees phantoms from the town’s glorious days. These visions help Jeff to reveal his own personal


Belgium | Mar 2006 | 10:00
Director: Nicolas Provost
The unexpected meeting of a lonely woman, a young boy and a shaman, whose paths will cross and slip away in a labyrinthic world of unresolved mystery.
Image from Guide Dog

Guide Dog

United States | 2006 | 5:45
Director: Bill Plympton
An enthusiastic but unqualified hound answers an advertisment for a guide dog and finds the challenge a lot more difficult than expected.
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