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Slice of Life

Canada | 2006
Directors: Alec Mathewson, Val Lonergan
An improvised spoof of COPS style shows, filmed in three days.


Austria | 2006
Director: Haris Bilajbegovic
The bridge... based on a true events... Bosnia & Herzegovina 1992. Most of the people who took part in the film experienced this terrible happening in...

Dirty Mary

United States | 2006 | 19:00
Director: Stuart Rogers
A funny take on a woman who plans on avoiding getting too drunk on her date, but isn't so lucky.


Thailand | 2006 | 17:00
Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong
One night in Bangkok, Jon meets a mysterious woman. Together, they embark on a journey to a foreign land - the human heart.
Image from Colorful EU

Colorful EU

Hungary | Sep 2006 | 1:21
Director: Peter Vadocz
As you walking on the streets, the flags of EU-countries are come into sight anything you just look at. The colorful EU is around us.


Iran | Nov 2006 | 13:43
Director: Arash Goodarzi
A doughter plays his dying grandmother role in her old house

Hard Case

United Kingdom | Apr 2006 | 7:00
Director: Brian Barnes
Who watches the watcher?
Image from True Colours

True Colours

United Kingdom | Sep 2006 | 10:38
Director: Barney Elliott
A loving father with a propensity for violence struggles to earn his family's trust.


France | 2006 | 15:00
Director: Sylvain Rigollot
At Europe boundaries, an illicit chinese immigrant pays a truck driver to get him to Paris. Doors are closing, the trip is beginning.


India | Oct 2006 | 2:10
Director: Manoj damodharan Mullassery
About globalization, the revolution of the mobile phone and the financial crisis in India.
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