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Image from Fetch


United Kingdom | Jul 2006 | 1:15
Director: Dana Dorian
Colin takes his dog Cumberland to the park for a game of fetch, but Cumberland has other ideas.

Devochka Dura

Russia | 2006 | 6:50
Director: Zojya Kireeva
Ordinary love by no ordinary girl.


Germany | 2006 | 11:00
Director: Timon Modersohn
Wigald is the epitome of a starving poet, whose lack of income to support his passion for verse and general frustration with the world has left him st...

A Brief Case

United States | Jan 2006 | 6:00
Director: Evan Beamer
Owen Sheldrake arrives to work as normal when he finds something in his briefcase that should not be there. Work is piling up, as is the curiosity of ...


United States | 2006
Director: Ken Jacobs
The belle of the ball surrounded by suitors. A vigorous 3-D that can be seen without special spectacles and even by the one-eyed.

E Finita La Commedia

Belgium | 2006
Directors: Olivier Tollet, Jean-Julien Collette
Une voiture garée dans un quartier résidentiel. Un père et un fils installent peu à peu une discussion. L'amour, le sexe, la mère et la mort. Une conn...


Slovakia | 2006 | 10:40
Director: Hossein Martin Fazeli
Mark is half-American, half-Slovak and he has strong beliefs. During a trip to Slovakia he meets Tomas, a shop assistant, who is wearing a T-shirt tha...


Russia | 2006 | 13:12
Director: Oleg Uzhinov
A fox is trying to steal a little girl named Zhiharka to eat her. She steals the girl, but can’t eat her.


Israel | 2006 | 5:59
Directors: Michael Faust, Ariel Belinco
The day to day life of a military world is disturbed by the appearance of a black kite behind its high walls. The army, annoyed by the existence of th...

The Sickie

United Kingdom | 2006 | 13:00
Director: Rupert Jones
An over-worked, under-appreciated employee decides to make his boss and co-workers notice him: by his absence.
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