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  • Year of completion: 2004
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Fluent Dysphasia

Ireland | 2004 | 16:00
Director: Daniel O’Hara
Murph doesn’t have a lot to say to his fifteen-year-old daughter, Jane. When he wakes one day, mysteriously speaking perfect Irish – which he never co...


Germany | 2004
Director: Tessa Knapp
A hypnotic trip leads to a deserted sanatorium for children. Time has flown in space and present grows through windows and doors by fresh green leaves...
Image from Kontamination


Germany | Apr 2004 | 6:48
Director: Michael Wolf
On his way home, a man notices a distant metallic punch, which lures him into the depths of a parking garage…

King of Fools

Germany | 2004 | 9:20
Director: Olaf Encke
Whatever happens to frogs that don't get kissed? In order to get noticed by their princess they have to fight hard! The frog changes into different ch...

Pee Shy

United States | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Deb Hagan
A boy becomes so frightened by his scout leader's campfire stories that he humiliates himself one night, and becomes the object of the scout leader's ...

For Interieur

France | 2004 | 10:00
Director: Patrick Poubel
Criquet loves his grandfather, a genuine memories collector who dreams of flying away but not before leaving his grandson a pure moment of eternity.

La Nariz de Cleopatra

Spain | 2004 | 12:00
Director: Richard Jordan
May 6 1943. General Franco is on a visit to Seville. In a tiny tavern a would-be assassin awaits his chance to end the dictator's rule. But can he con...
Image from The Ten Steps

The Ten Steps

Ireland | 2004 | 10:00
Director: Brendan Muldowney
Alone in an old house during a power cut, a young babysitter who is scared of the dark faces the prospect of a terrifying trip to the basement.

Learn Self Defence

United States | 2004 | 5:05
Director: Chris Harding
After being brutally attacked in an alley, George decides he must learn to protect himself. A cocksure narrator walks him through five practical lesso...
Image from Louise


Canada | 2004 | 9:57
Director: Anita Lebeau
Ninety-six years young and fiercely independent, Louise lives on her own near Brussells, a town in rural Manitoba.
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