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  • Year of completion: 2004
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Canada | 2004 | 3:00
Director: Guy Roland
Glass towers of shimmering light are the icons of city-life. These immovable monuments come alive with a vividly moving camera that finds odd harmonie...


Germany | 2004
Director: Tessa Knapp
A hypnotic trip leads to a deserted sanatorium for children. Time has flown in space and present grows through windows and doors by fresh green leaves...
Image from Green Bush

Green Bush

Australia | 2004 | 27:00
Director: Warwick Thornton
Over one night, radio DJ Kenny realises that his job at an Aboriginal community radio station is about more than just playing music.

Abraço do Vento

Portugal | 2004
Director: José Miguel Ribeiro
In a world where iron and land mix themselves creating unexpected cities, the wind blows life among leaves in the eternal rebirth cycle.
Image from El Secreto Mejor Guardado

El Secreto Mejor Guardado

Spain | Nov 2004 | 18:16
Director: Patricia Ferreira
Ravi is an orphaned child who lives with this grandmother in a village in the south of India. Every day he walks a long way to a school in another vil...
Image from L'homme sans ombre

L'homme sans ombre

Canada | 2004 | 9:35
Director: Georges Schwizgebel
What bother dragging around one's shadow? A man agrees to a pact with a magician and swaps his shadow for riches. He soon discovers that the absence o...
Image from Der Drachentöter

Der Drachentöter

Germany | 2004 | 9:00
Director: Robert Kuczera
In a time when dragons threatened mankind, there was only one man who fought them all. He was known as Taragon the dragonslayer and every job assigned...

Mirror Mechanics

Austria | 2004 | 8:00
Director: Siegfried Fruhauf
Like a mirror, film is an apparatus that produces images. At the same time, it permits us to perceive visual stimuli outside of our field of vision. M...

Rave Against the Machine

United Kingdom | 2004 | 24:00
Directors: Stevan Riley, Holly Lubbock, Richard Rudy, James Harvey
During the 1990s siege of Sarajevo, a rocking underground music scene saved the sanity of young Bosnians.

Still Life

United States | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Cynthia Madansky
Details of landscapes in the Palestinian territories, reduced to rubble, reveal the destructive effects of occupation.
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