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Australia | 2004 | 6:53
Director: Van Sowerwine
A twelve year old girl's world has just changed forever.

Human No More

United States | 2004
Director: Christopher Alan Broadstone
A police detective turns to black magic to avenge his murdered wife.


Australia | 2004 | 20:00
Director: Tristan Bancks
The fear of flying has a new name - the dork sitting next to you. On a jam-packed flight, someone has to sit next to "him". Just pray it isn't you.

Before Dawn

Hungary | 2004 | 13:00
Director: Bálint Kenyeres
Before dawn, the wheat is quietly undulating on the hillside. Before dawn, people will rise and other people will take away their hope.

The Crypt Club

Canada | 2004 | 23:00
Director: Miguel Gallego
The Crypt Club - "Are you in or out?"

The Chase

United States | Apr 2004 | 13:45
Director: Jason Prugar
A 5th grader is on the run from bullies who want to steal his new spelling trophy to pawn it off for video games.


Iran | 2004 | 16:40
Director: Poopak Mozaffari
The man in charge of an abandoned railway station in Kavir (desert) paints his mind and wishes, until one night a passenger arrives.
Image from La Ruta Natural

La Ruta Natural

Spain | 2004 | 11:00
Director: Alex Pastor
When Divad wakes up after a strange accident in the shower, he can't remember anything, not even his own name. His home, his supposed wife… Although h...

Die Toten Hosen 'Walkampf'

Germany | 2004 | 3:30
Director: Andreas Hykade
Pop-promo for the German punk band Die Toten Hosen.
Image from Las Siete Alcantarillas

Las Siete Alcantarillas

Spain | Nov 2004 | 15:10
Director: Chus Gutiérrez
Maca, a three-year-old girl, is going to tell us why she is happy. She shows us her family, her home and her neighourhood. But what she sees is not ex...
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