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  • Year of completion: 2004
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Rain is Falling

Germany | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Holger Ernst
Far away in a foreign and apparently merciless world, a little girl struggles to carry water pots that are far too heavy for her. Uncomplaining, she h...

The Chase

United States | Apr 2004 | 13:45
Director: Jason Prugar
A 5th grader is on the run from bullies who want to steal his new spelling trophy to pawn it off for video games.

Po Cud

Poland | 2004 | 18:00
Director: Jarek Sztandera
Hoping for a miracle, 500 disabled persons make a pilgrimage from St. Mary's Church in Katowice to Lourdes, France in an over-crowded train. Their jou...

Fall Studien 2

Germany | 2004
Director: Gabriel Pielke
Everyday's life articles, definitely not made for making music, developing their ability of making sounds and playing music.

Die Toten Hosen 'Walkampf'

Germany | 2004 | 3:30
Director: Andreas Hykade
Pop-promo for the German punk band Die Toten Hosen.
Image from Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone

United Kingdom | Jul 2004 | 7:00
Directors: Martin Briggs-Watson, Andrew William Robb
In our intrusive world of global personal communications, how far do you go to truly "get away from it all"?

Sam escapes to a tranquil Australian b...
Image from Boy


New Zealand | 2004 | 14:59
Director: Welby Ings
A young male prostitute lives in a fantasy world full of broken angel-like dolls. By accident, he uncovers the truth behind a fatal accident in his ho...


Switzerland | 2004
Director: Olivier Gabus
Trois vieux se quittent, un môme découvre.

The Scree

Australia | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Paul McDermott
Five strange friends set out on an adventure in a tiny boat. They discover a mysterious island, an island filled with bizarre vegetation and deadly cr...
Image from La Vida Efímera

La Vida Efímera

Spain | Nov 2004 | 21:01
Director: Pere Joan Ventura
Vicenta, daughter of a Spanish mother and father, returns to the country where she was born. She returns to Malabo, the city she left as a child to wo...
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