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  • Year of completion: 2000
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Image from Privkus


Norway | Jan 2000 | 15:00
Director: Dimitri Lurie
The metaphysics of Petrograd make a stranger, living in its labyrinths, to sense the Aftertaste of being.

Onion John

United States | 2000
Director: Charles Alleneck
The musical tale of a unique young man and his quest for acceptance in a town that views him as a freak.

Quiero ser

Mexico | 2000 | 35:00
Director: Florian Gallenberger
In Mexico City, two orphan brothers work hard to set up their own balloon selling business. But when the elder brother falls in love, their plans of e...


United States | 2000 | 9:00
Director: Don Hertzfeldt
In the spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional segments for their network. The cartoon...


United States | 2000
Director: Michael Fiore
A medical student steals a corpse to help him cope with the sight of death.

Passing the Test

United States | Aug 2000 | 25:00
Director: Jason Prugar
A college student has to pass a class so he can stay in school. Meanwhile he competes with his rival for the affections a co-ed.

Baxter's Big Day

United States | May 2000 | 8:19
Director: Geoff Klein
McKenzie's car breaks down in the desert as he hurrying back to the city for a big presentation at work he has to give at the afternoon meeting. He le...


United States | 2000
Director: Van Phan
A father realizes what he truly values.

The Fragile Skin

United Kingdom | May 2000 | 24:00
Director: John Carr
Mina inherits a large derelict house and moves in. As she struggles to overcome the pain of a recent relationship break up, she suspects she is not al...
Image from Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Germany | 2000 | 15:00
Director: Andreas Hykade
Two young cowboys spend their days in the cool shade of a rock, but at night they make their way to the bazaar of sexual desire. Drifting further and ...
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