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United States | Jul 2012 | 3:38
Director: Edmond Marchetti
A lonely man in the hills of Appalachia unearths a mysterious urn. He brings it inside and strange things start to happen in the house.
Image from Maine Story

Maine Story

United States | Sep 2007 | 24:00
Director: Nina Chernik
When her high school sweetheart unexpectedly returns to town, Shelly is forced to confront those things in her life that she's been avoiding.
Image from Gerald's Last Day

Gerald's Last Day

United States | Jan 2009 | 11:30
Directors: Shel Rasch, Justin Rasch
Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination at 5:00 today by the Dog Pound. Can he seduce an adopter before his time runs out?


United States | Jan 2012 | 0:11
Director: Jeffrey Elmont
Seven years after a police raid gone wrong, a detective is confronted with the consequence of his past mistake.
Image from Duel of the Overmen

Duel of the Overmen

United States | Feb 2010 | 19:09
Director: Brendon DeVore
In 2083, after a fellow corporate SS officer discovers Herr K. Hesse spearheading a plot to assassinate the third clone of Adolf Hitler, Hesse must tr...
Image from Sold


United States | Sep 2010 | 12:20
Director: John Irwin
A young journalist named Maya has inadvertently gotten captured into a human trafficking ring while doing an investigative article on the treatment of...

Don't Fear the Reaper

United States | Sep 2016 | 9:53
Director: Dru Schwartz
Making friends can be difficult, especially if you're the bringer of death.
Image from Absent


United States | Jan 2013 | 6:00
Director: Leandro Tadashi
Sue and Adam attempt to make peace with their past.

Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story

United States | Jun 2010 | 22:00
Director: Richard Yelland
Saturday, March 29 2008 was a day surfer Nathan Gocke's life would change forever. Nathan was quadriplegic but his spirit was not paralyzed.

Jessie R. Wagner Elementary Promo

United States | Dec 2013 | 1:30
Director: Julian Thomas
Jessie R. Wagner Elementary is a Seventh-Day Adventist school, located in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. They have recently moved to a new facility and are...
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