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Image from Büyüteç


Turkey | Aug 2009 | 4:56
Director: Orkan Bayram
A magnifier spends a sunny day in the park... On his first time in a park, tragedic events happen to 'The Magnifier'. Because of his physical attribut...
Image from Su Çatlağını Buldu

Su Çatlağını Buldu

Turkey | Nov 2011 | 15:05
Director: Uğur Egemen Ires
Meryem Arduç, 72, who lives in France, died in Sivas that she visits every year. The villagers take the woman's body and buries her with their own bel...

Mala Xalê Min

Turkey | Feb 2014 | 6:20
Director: Şerif Polat
Welat says goodbye to his childhood as his mother and father begins to serve time in prison.

Recycle Diary

Turkey | 2009
Director: Efe Conker
A rock's journey through life.
Image from Aynıymış...


Turkey | Mar 2011 | 2:47
Director: Çiğdem Topaloğlu
Deniz (27) while jogging on the treadmill feels herself bad and stops it. Her pulse is high. She sits on a sofa for relaxing. A young man who notices ...

Şah Mat

Turkey | 2008
Director: Sila Unlu
The destinies of three people intersect at a tram stop. How do seconds construct our life? Are things coincidence? Who can intervene our life?


Turkey | Jul 2016 | 4:56
Directors: Emirhan Altuner, Meriç Arslanoğlu
Tools which are designed to serve mankind aim to design human abilities over again. Something records, something broadcasts. There are memories about ...
Image from Gece


Turkey | Jan 2010 | 8:56
Directors: Murat Eldem, Tuna Yilmaz
Man and woman decide to spend the night out... but not together...
Image from Gelecek!


Turkey | Nov 2012 | 4:22
Director: Erol Çelik
The developing technology penetrate in our lives as fast as it imprisoned us.
Image from Ewrên Serxweş

Ewrên Serxweş

Turkey | Jun 2012 | 8:39
Director: Mehmet Oruç
A man in his 50’s lives alone in a small village, his hobby is painting. One day he decides to paint a childhood memory.
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