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Image from داخل حوض ماء

داخل حوض ماء

Syria | Apr 2009 | 7:48
Director: Zeina Antabi
When it’s time to run you should define your own way...
Image from الرجل الذي صنع فيلما

الرجل الذي صنع فيلما

Syria | Sep 2013 | 18:03
Director: Ahamad Ibrahim Ahmad
In a country going through a relentless war, violence has multiple meanings and different effects on people. These effects maybe shown in shocking way...
Image from نخاع


Syria | Aug 2012 | 10:19
Director: Waseem Al-Sayed
Monotony is a killer, and the state of no dialogue between any partners or parties in contact could make life unbearable, and full of distress, boredo...
Image from Khobiz Al Hissar

Khobiz Al Hissar

Syria | Aug 2015 | 11:45
Director: Soudade Kaadan
She smuggles the bread. He escaped the Syrian army. They know there is no way out.
Image from دوران


Syria | Aug 2013 | 19:38
Director: Waseem Al-Sayed
In a country with an acute exceptional circumstances, nothing is good. No one as well. Relationships with painful endings isn't strange. What's behind...


Syria | Dec 2010 | 5:10
Director: Khalid Alhalabi
Our course of life is full of stations. What if it was stopped by a fence preventing us from continuing. Would we just hope to be eliminated suddenly,...