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Image from Times New Romance

Times New Romance

Sweden | Aug 2011 | 6:55
Director: Martin Åhlin
The Author is a man that is not entirely satisfied with his current life. One night he has a dream that gets him to actually question if it not would ...
Image from Bättre Ränta

Bättre Ränta

Sweden | Jan 2012 | 10:00
Director: Jimmy Olsson
It's an ordinary day at the bank. A somewhat stressed young man makes an entrance and sits down among the other waiting customers. When it's his turn ...

09:55 - 11:05, Ingrid Ekman, Bergsgatan 4b

Sweden | Dec 2014 | 14:52
Directors: Cristine Berglund, Sophie Vukovic
67 year old Ingrid has decided to deal with cancer on her own. She retreats from the outside world and it retreats from her - apart from sporadic visi...
Image from Certified


Sweden | Sep 2013 | 5:30
Director: Sten Rosendahl
A man needs to comply with the strict rules of the state.

En nattsaga

Sweden | Dec 2005 | 15:00
Director: Maja Lindström
Once upon a time there was a mother who was no longer going to exist. Parents wish they could tell their children that every story has a happy ending....
Image from The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Sweden | Sep 2011 | 5:00
Director: Ivan Radovic
Engulfed by dark thoughts, she is forced into a tunnel to confront the creature who is waiting for her in the dark.
Image from Russelltribunalen


Sweden | 2003 | 10:00
Director: Staffan Lamm
This film shows footage, never before shown, from the today little known Russell Tribunal. The tribunal investigated US war crimes in Vietnam while th...

When Elvis Came to Visit

Sweden | 2006
Director: Andreas Tibblin
In a suburb of Stockholm, a small, but yet momentous, meeting takes place between Lukas and the young boy Elvis, whose parents are from Iran. Lukas, n...


Sweden | 2003 | 13:00
Directors: Jonas Holmström, Jonas Bergergård
Natan's first day on a new job. The employment office has sent him to Viggo's hamburger joint. Münir is trying to teach him the moves, but Natan is a ...

Scen Nr: 6882 Ud Mitt Liv

Sweden | 2005 | 9:00
Director: Ruben Östlund
A 30-years old man is celebrating Midsummer's eve together with friends on the west coast of Sweden. He makes his friends come and watch as he is goin...
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