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Image from Судьба На Замену

Судьба На Замену

Russia | Nov 2013 | 18:26
Director: Sergey Burov
Maxim is a person with positive attitude to the fate which loves him too. But even fate has a vacation. And will the one who replaces Maxim's fate pro...
Image from Чуть-Чуть


Russia | May 2010 | 9:44
Director: Mikhail Safronov
The urban tale of how the kids seduced by the temptations of the big city, get into the troubles which they finally escape having a good lesson
Image from Fall


Russia | Dec 2012 | 4:19
Director: Daria Matveeva
Every end is a beginning of something new.
Image from Dance Ivan It's Your Day

Dance Ivan It's Your Day

Russia | May 2012 | 2:27
Director: Kirill Kurbatov
A guy reads and dances in the surreal and absurd atmosphere.
Image from Платформа Лианозово

Платформа Лианозово

Russia | May 2015 | 14:55
Director: Vladimir Kozlov
Olya, a 20-year old Moscow girl has a mostly uneventful life, which consists of work at a music store, conversations with her mother, concerts and one...


Russia | 2003 | 29:00
Director: Edgar Bartenev
In a Komi village, we listen to inner sounds and see figures of Komi people. As we approach the edge of this enchanted world, we do not want to trespa...

Also an Artist - the Faces of Charles Lomek

Russia | Apr 2012 | 6:40
Director: Dmitry Kopytin
Charles Lomek is a simple man who wants to give his art to people for free.


Russia | 2009
Director: Nastya Tarasova
They are highly professional in their field. There are more than 100 000 of them in Russia. They are brave, courageous and ordinary Russian men. Their...

Great Travellers

Russia | 2006 | 18:40
Director: Andrey Sudilovsky
Stepa, the boy of 8 years secretly persuades his friends Lelia and Minya to travel around the world. Unknown, how will finish this story.

Rain from Above to Down

Russia | 2007
Director: Ivan Maximov
A catastrophe in the mountains is caused by the interminable rain.
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