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Image from Kasno Smo Se Sreli

Kasno Smo Se Sreli

Serbia | Oct 2011 | 14:52
Director: Marko Grba Singh
Zoran Papovic roams the streets of Belgrade.
Image from Fantasmagorie 2008

Fantasmagorie 2008

Serbia | Apr 2008 | 8:30
Director: Rastko Ćirić
Hommage to the Emile Cohl's first cartoon film Fantasmagorie, made in 1908.

Na Drugoj Obali

Serbia | Dec 2011 | 38:02
Director: Marko Djordjevic
Dule gives Ana a ride to her mother's. They start off this journey as friends.
Image from Exodus


Serbia | Aug 2010 | 7:18
Director: Marko Vukosav
Learning to be free


Serbia | Jul 2012 | 11:00
Director: Ivan Milosavljevic
Mitar inherits some money from Australia. To get his inheritance, he has to go through a series of issues, without realizing what he will actually inh...
Image from Ogledanje


Serbia | May 2013 | 15:25
Director: Mladen Aleksic
In student dorm, boyfriend and girlfriend are stuck. In their own lives. She want to resolve the problem with lies. But, in real life, everybody lies....


Serbia | 2007 | 3:00
Director: Janko Nesic
A warning!

Шта Пас Сања

Serbia | Mar 2012 | 3:40
Directors: Boris Celic, Igor Vucurevic
When clocks and compasses lose their purpose a struggle between human and an animal within remains. Urges overcome reason. Decisions are being made by...

Beogradska Sonata

Serbia | May 2013 | 19:49
Director: Gordana Smudja
Children from Mentally Challenged Aid Society spend days underground in atomic shelter used during bombing, without light and fresh air, but showing t...

Човек Који Је Продао Планету

Serbia | Jan 2011 | 14:00
Director: Nikola Budanović
Beyond the dreams, only tragic.
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