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Image from Clopotul


Romania | Apr 2009 | 16:12
Director: Sabin Dorohoi
A hot summer in a village at the end of nowhere. An archaic community, hardly feeling the new changes. Traditions are still powerful. The most respect...
Image from Prieteni


Romania | Nov 2014 | 20:07
Director: Bianca Rus
Two boys raised in the countryside come from different backgrounds. The young man who chose to live in the city asks for help from his childhood frien...


Romania | Dec 2009 | 11:56
Director: Cristi Iftime
Timi, a ten year old boy with behavioral disorders, is on the seaside for the first time.
Image from Fueled by Hate

Fueled by Hate

Romania | Sep 2010 | 9:50
Director: Roland Zsigmond
A man explores the depths of his subconscious and fights his inner demon.

La Drumul Mare

Romania | 2007
Director: Gabriel Sirbu
In the Bucarest gridlock, a thief strikes up a strange relationship with his female victim.

Life is Hard

Romania | 2008
Director: Gabriel Sirbu
In one of Bucharest's endless traffic jams, a bag snatcher strikes up a strange relationship with his female victim.


Romania | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Catalin Mitulescu
On his way to the next business meeting, Tudor has a 20 minute break. Enough time to invite a girl to drink a coffee, talk about his daughter and take...
Image from Lost Springs 2

Lost Springs 2

Romania | Nov 2010 | 13:27
Director: Andrei Dobrescu
A middle-aged Romanian Film Director is called for an interview at a local pub. He will soon learn that fame has its price.
Image from Falling Down

Falling Down

Romania | May 2008 | 4:40
Director: Anton Octavian
The feeling of falling down in a surrealistic dream ...
Image from Colivia


Romania | Feb 2010 | 17:10
Director: Adrian Sitaru
When Mihaes little boy Alex brings home a sick dove this rises new conflicts between father and son, but also a possible “reconciliation” that Mihaes ...
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