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Netherlands | 2007 | 9:00
Director: Daniel Bruce
A young woman traveling alone. Anxiety arising from a dark lonely night on the road leads her to the tragedy.
Image from Radar


Netherlands | Feb 2010 | 4:00
Director: Coen Janssen
Abstract patterns grow and are counter-pointed to each other. Mosaic Patterns fill the screen and develop into video noise patterns.
Image from The Story of the Kolobok

The Story of the Kolobok

Netherlands | Sep 2002 | 12:30
Director: James M. Boekbinder
As a humble bun runs away to avoid being eaten, it tumbles through the hands of a host of hungry characters in the modern Russian urban jungle.

January: The Cellar

Netherlands | Jan 2012 | 12:00
Director: Vincent Nijman
An adult man is sitting in a cellar, peeling potatoes.
Image from Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Netherlands | Jun 2005 | 25:07
Director: Wouter van Opdorp
This documentary explores the true story behind the Paul-is-dead mystery of The Beatles.
Image from .nijnok


Netherlands | 2004 | 12:00
Director: Leo Wentink
A farm in the Dutch countryside. There are no sounds of chickens or cows. It doesn't stink of pigs either. In fact, there is no smell or sound at all....


Netherlands | 1998 | 44:00
Director: Kaj Driessen
A boy who stutters, and for that reason is living alone in the forest, is looking for his sister, from which he thuoght she was death.
Image from Ik Ben een Meisje!

Ik Ben een Meisje!

Netherlands | Oct 2010 | 15:00
Director: Susan Koenen
Every 13-year-old girl dreams of that nice, but hard-to-get, boy. And Joppe is no different, consulting her friend on how to ask Brian out. But just h...


Netherlands | 2003 | 11:00
Directors: Brigit Hillenius, Karin Junger
Fifteen-year-old Stacey is pregnant. Tatjana, who is sixteen, has slept with plenty of boys. Jill is the same age as Stacey; she can't wait to have se...


Netherlands | 2009
Director: Joost van Ginkel
Bruno finds it very interesting that his father, Daan, routinely wants to shave his beard and head before he leaves on a dangerous military mission in...
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