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Image from Zand


Netherlands | May 2008 | 21:00
Director: Joost van Ginkel
A painful tale of domestic abuse, in the face of which paternal love is powerless.
Image from Wat is daarop uw antwoord?

Wat is daarop uw antwoord?

Netherlands | Jun 2009 | 15:15
Director: Bas van Teylingen
When Daniel gets cold feet the night before his wedding his friends decide to organize a Batchelor's party for him. Dressed as a crook they take him t...

The 7 Brothers

Netherlands | 2008 | 12:20
Director: Kaj Driessen
The seven Grimm brothers (mistakenly we always assumed there were only two) are looking for inspiration for their fairy tales. But the new stories the...


Netherlands | Nov 2010 | 9:28
Director: Jan Nanne
A burgular tries to steal a painting from an elderly blind lady, who lives on a farm.
Image from The Nurses

The Nurses

Netherlands | Nov 2012 | 9:29
Director: Fallon Van Kuil
Four students move into an old nurseflat where strange things start to happen.
Image from The Roymann Closure

The Roymann Closure

Netherlands | May 2008 | 31:00
Director: David Grifhorst
When Matt Roymann wakes up to find himself alone on the world after making the biggest choice of his life, he is faced his worst nightmare.


Netherlands | 2003 | 11:00
Directors: Brigit Hillenius, Karin Junger
Fifteen-year-old Stacey is pregnant. Tatjana, who is sixteen, has slept with plenty of boys. Jill is the same age as Stacey; she can't wait to have se...

Blauwe Maan

Netherlands | Oct 2014 | 2:09
Director: Marsha Onderstijn
Sun has a cheerful and cozy existence. Everyday he rises and shines down from heaven on the playing animals and colorful flowers, until evening falls ...
Image from God on Our Side

God on Our Side

Netherlands | 2005 | 7:00
Directors: Uri Kranot, Michal Pfeffer
Inspired by Picasso's Guernica (1937), this film is fundamentally about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the name of God, people are infused with ...
Image from .nijnok


Netherlands | 2004 | 12:00
Director: Leo Wentink
A farm in the Dutch countryside. There are no sounds of chickens or cows. It doesn't stink of pigs either. In fact, there is no smell or sound at all....
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