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Spelen: Kunstenaar Piet Vos in Beeld

Netherlands | Jun 2009 | 20:00
Director: Stefan Schoorl
How does the visual artist Piet Vos from Heemskerk, The Netherlands see art. What does it mean to him. How does he create and what does he create.
Image from Teddy


Netherlands | Sep 2005 | 3:30
Director: André Bergs
In a busy city an old man can no longer catch up. He has his own slow pace, making it impossible for him to connect with anybody.
Image from Ebb


Netherlands | Sep 2007 | 9:19
Director: Marco Schürmann
A man embarks on a journey to retrieve the love of his life.


Netherlands | 2003 | 11:00
Directors: Brigit Hillenius, Karin Junger
Fifteen-year-old Stacey is pregnant. Tatjana, who is sixteen, has slept with plenty of boys. Jill is the same age as Stacey; she can't wait to have se...

Dr & DJ Maberi

Netherlands | Nov 2008 | 7:05
Director: Bernard Martens
Dr. Maberi is a German doktor/singer. He is also a good dj
Image from Landscape of the Elderly

Landscape of the Elderly

Netherlands | Sep 2012 | 1:00
Directors: Rami El Harayri, Maarten Stoltz
An old man is trying to find someone to talk to.
Image from Zand


Netherlands | May 2008 | 21:00
Director: Joost van Ginkel
A painful tale of domestic abuse, in the face of which paternal love is powerless.


Netherlands | 1998 | 44:00
Director: Kaj Driessen
A boy who stutters, and for that reason is living alone in the forest, is looking for his sister, from which he thuoght she was death.
Image from Iemand Aan De Deur

Iemand Aan De Deur

Netherlands | Apr 2011 | 22:00
Director: Jan Nanne
While an unknown phenomena is getting grip on the world outside, a young man finds himself alone in his house with two strangers.
Image from Donnie


Netherlands | Feb 2011 | 11:30
Director: Willem Baptist
Eleven year old Donnie has conflicts with the boyfriend of his mother. Meanwhile he struggles at his swimming lessons. Is Donnie going to find comfort...
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