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Image from Pistol


Malaysia | Jun 2015 | 12:54
Director: V. Kumaran Sonof Vijayan
A pistol, which travels from one hand to another, chooses its own destiny. It has no mercy for the good or bad, it can kill anyone or save someone.
Image from Carwash


Malaysia | Aug 2009 | 4:20
Director: Aaron Chung
Constantly a victim of local thugs, a migrant worker in a 24-hour carwash centre encounters an international assassin who himself is having a rough ni...


Malaysia | Jan 2012 | 3:51
Director: Samira Esmaeili
A girl going through her life path and finds inspirations.
Image from Sunflowers


Malaysia | Apr 2014 | 33:32
Director: Shio Chuan Quek
A young girl dreams to be a make up artist for celebrities and superstars but a twisted turn of fate lands her a career in doing make-up for the dead ...

The Hipster View

Malaysia | Sep 2011 | 11:41
Director: Bradley Liew
The Hipster Culture seems to have hit youth on a truly international level regardless of race, nationality or religion.
Image from 光

Malaysia | Nov 2011 | 14:00
Director: Shio Chuan Quek
The older of two brothers, Wen Guang, is Autistic. Wen Guang is often misunderstood. Above all, he suffers from attention deficiency disorder, struggl...
12 awards
Image from The Silent Note

The Silent Note

Malaysia | Jan 2013 | 7:22
Director: Chathra Weeraman
A boy named Romy was only 10 when he had his first piano lessons under Herr Ludwig. Ludwig, however, realized that Romy has no gift in music. After a ...
Image from Gems of Baram River

Gems of Baram River

Malaysia | Feb 2014 | 25:00
Director: Abdul Riezal Dim
In the interior of Sarawak, getting a proper medical service is not an easy task for a villager like Apoi. From the Kampung Long Ikang, Apoi has a dau...


Malaysia | Oct 2013 | 10:00
Director: Tan Kiran
Evil spirits take the form of human and move among them to kill when they get blood thirsty. Three friends get killed by their own friend who actually...
Image from Paintedpie


Malaysia | May 2011 | 4:30
Directors: Mehdi Farrokhtala, Havish Thota, Kudzai Gumbo, Abdulrahman Alansari
An old painter who is sad about her husband’s passing is painting a pie alone in her caravan. Meanwhile a hungry boy with a growling stomach walks awa...
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