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Re-encounters 2501: Migrantes

Mexico | 2009
Director: Yolanda Cruz
A conversation on migration.

El Relojero

Mexico | 2008
Director: Paula Froehle
Using VFX to bring the painting to life, a young clockmaker diligently focuses on her own concepts of time while clocks build up around her, revealing...
Image from De la Vista Nace el Amor

De la Vista Nace el Amor

Mexico | Aug 2006 | 6:30
Director: Miguel Anaya
Pepe who works in a market is on the verge of losing his independence after suffering an accident.

Ver Llover

Mexico | 2006
Director: Elisa Miller
Two teenagers live in a little Mexican town. Sofia wants to leave. Jonas has to decide whether to stay or leave with her.
Image from La Solitude

La Solitude

Mexico | May 2014 | 12:30
Director: Saul Cantero
Javier is a street artist who presents a show of ventriloquism with Chuy, a wooden puppet who chose not to speak again. This complicate the show and t...
6 awards


Mexico | 2007 | 3:20
Director: Mario Trujillo
A strange planet between Mars and Venus, where a stimulating spider wakes up an amorphous live form, that in symbiosis with the surface is going to cr...
Image from Adiós, Para Siempre

Adiós, Para Siempre

Mexico | Jan 2005 | 10:00
Director: David Barba
A crime scene photographer falls victim to his own profession through an ingenious
game of images in which the viewer becomes an accomplice.

Reality Show

Mexico | 2007
Director: Federico Schmucler
Ramon Chavez watches on TV a situation that makes him to choose decisions that will change the course of his own life, or maybe not...
Image from Ninis


Mexico | Jan 2014 | 14:36
Director: Daniel Santana
One day, Fabiola and Alvaro meet each other. Fabiola is a girl, eighteen years old, who doesn't know what to do with her life. Alvaro is a young music...
1 award

Amor, Sal y Pimienta

Mexico | Aug 2010 | 7:00
Director: J. Luis Rivera
Marissa, a young student living in the big city, is about to receive the visit of Don Antonio, her father. She is anxious about preparing the dinner a...
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