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9 y 20

Mexico | 2005 | 6:00
Director: Roberto Aguilera
A lonely man is trapped within himself and his frustration. His life is routine and he performs a monotonous job he doesn't enjoy. As a second job, he...

Nación Apache

Mexico | 2009
Director: Carlos Muñoz
Figgis is an FBI agent obsessed with finding and exterminating a runaway Apache that is hiding in Mexico City. Cooper, a cowboy bounty hunter helps hi...
Image from Jerminación


Mexico | Jun 2014 | 9:30
Director: Paul Gómez López
A little girl wants to learn the seed sprouting experiment. In the place and time where she lives there is no place for real learning.
6 awards

Amor, Sal y Pimienta

Mexico | Aug 2010 | 7:00
Director: J. Luis Rivera
Marissa, a young student living in the big city, is about to receive the visit of Don Antonio, her father. She is anxious about preparing the dinner a...

Idea #1111

Mexico | Oct 2013 | 16:12
Director: Pepe García Gilling
The Consultant hands out ideas that help others with their personal problems.

Madre Teresa

Mexico | 2008 | 12:27
Director: Tonatihu Loza
Teresita nun by tradition dedicated to the celibacy, been in an old town is victim of the sexual persecution.

El Santo Contraataca

Mexico | Nov 2011 | 8:47
Director: Edgar Yepez Sanchez
Santo the Silver Masked Man is summoned once again to fight against the forces of evil. With a whole new set of abilities, Santo will have to rescue a...

Karmen Rose

Mexico | Feb 2009 | 12:33
Director: Salvador Guerrero
Two love stories developed in a parallel narrative, without any relation at all. This film reflects the contrast between two ages and the way society ...

La Casa Invita

Mexico | 2009
Director: Misael Rubio
A couple enjoys their dinner in a taqueria without knowing that a taco will change their lives forever.

Días Hermosos

Mexico | 2009
Directors: Alfonso Riveyro Rosas, Aurora Ares de la Concha
A man has hallucinations provoked by his isolation. He confuses physical reality with dreams and virtual reality, his only companion, is destroying hi...
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