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Korea, South | Nov 2008 | 20:00
Director: Sung-hyun Yoon
Hyun-jun and Yo-hwan planned to travel but their friend didn’t show up. So they just roamed around their neighborhood and they came across Hyun-jun’s ...
Image from 관계의 가나다에 있는 우리는

관계의 가나다에 있는 우리는

Korea, South | Jan 2017 | 23:53
Director: Ineui Lee
Documentary film producer Hwang Sang-kyung is moved to tears by the story of Aeng-doo, an elderly lady he interviews for his project on families separ...

Jeul-Geo-Wun Wori-Jib

Korea, South | 2004 | 17:00
Director: Hye-jung Um
At night it's raining outside. Mom, Dad and Ji-Soo are anxiously watching TV. The news reports the fire at the kindergarten which the little daughter ...

A Bowl of Tea

Korea, South | 2005 | 38:00
Director: Youngnam Kim
Following the day spent by the grandson and the daughter, who took her elderly father to the hospital, the film introduces a grandfather who's facing ...

Smoke-Flavored Life

Korea, South | 2004 | 21:00
Director: Eunjung Ryou
Spirited Younghee possesses a healthy dose of curiosity. She's not a bad kid. It's just that she's often left to her own devices that only seem to lea...

The Things She Can't Avoid in the City

Korea, South | 2008
Director: Ji-Youn Park
She found a very cheap house in the city, but her house is lifted into the air by a huge crane due to a new city plan. It is too hard for her to manag...


Korea, South | Mar 2011 | 8:35
Director: Hyunsoo Lee
In a class room, a girl is sitting on the desk, solving a math quiz.

Wolf Daddy

Korea, South | 2005
Director: Hyung-yun Chang
A wolf who is a novelist comes to a serene countryside to write a masterpiece. One rainy day, a lady visits him with six-year-old girl, Young-hee and ...

The Hole

Korea, South | 2009
Director: Hana Hwang
Yujn, a 16 year old girl, becomes aware of the story of her young brother’s disappearance.

My Name is Pity

Korea, South | Oct 2008 | 19:41
Director: Taeyi Hong
One night, Jinha(20) is invited out to her childhood by herself in 6 years old. And she is faced with her pity past experience which relate to her gra...
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