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Image from La Casetta di Marzapane

La Casetta di Marzapane

Italy | May 2008 | 18:20
Director: Claudio Centimeri
Every minute of the day Nino receives from a constantly switched on TV all sorts of information, all of it unfit for a child his age; news reports, es...

Padre Nostro

Italy | 2008
Director: Carlo Lo Giudice
Padre nostro è una storia d'amore. La storia d'ogni giorno tra Salvatore e Vannino, cinquantanni il primo, novanta il secondo. Un rapporto padre-figli...
Image from Krank


Italy | Feb 2005 | 19:00
Director: Sergio Santilli
Six people kidnapped, the victims of a madman, a house from which it seems possible to go out ... but it's impossible.


Italy | Sep 2013 | 13:00
Director: Alessandro Stevanon
Dwarves run free, with castles in the air and loving gestures. An existence lived in another place, another world, one step away from eternity.

Spoon River a Lampedusa

Italy | Mar 2017 | 15:27
Director: Rosario Santella
The tragedy of migrants in the Mediterranean through the words of those who do not have it done, including participation, indifference and cynicism of...


Italy | 2004
Director: Fabio Gualione
Un manipolo di soldati a bordo di un'astronave sta cercando da anni un nuovo pianeta da abitare.
Ha luogo un'insubordinazione: per abitare il pianeta...

Points in the Dark

Italy | Jun 2006 | 5:40
Director: Marco Del Frate
The boy walking in the street, make the hitchhiking, a black car stopped.
Image from Il Lucchetto

Il Lucchetto

Italy | May 2011 | 3:00
Director: Ettore Nicoletti
When you think you found the perfect lover, when you seal your love to the universe, what’s next? The perfect love scenario, and a padlock.
7 awards
Image from Otto Parole

Otto Parole

Italy | Nov 2007 | 24:56
Director: Giorgio Bonecchi Borgazzi
Otto is a lonely student trying to conquer the attention of a far away father, while still questioning himself about his true inclinations..

Drops of Life, Drops of Death

Italy | Mar 2014 | 2:21
Director: Alessia Gasparella
In a dystopian future, water is no longer available. All you have to survive is some drops that the government gives to people weekly. But what can gi...
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