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Image from Suvarotti


India | Nov 2012 | 8:58
Director: Arun Dass
Two teens in Arakonam are in love.
Image from Paradise Calling

Paradise Calling

India | Mar 2010 | 6:00
Director: Suresh Mathew
At a time when economic slowdown & terrorism affects almost everything under the sun, what happens when recession hits Jihad Inc.?
Image from One Fine Day

One Fine Day

India | Jul 2014 | 4:57
Director: Devansh Doshi
One fine day, D sets out to soak in the magnificence that people usually turn a blind eye to.
Image from మై డియర్ ఆత్మా

మై డియర్ ఆత్మా

India | Apr 2014 | 19:06
Director: Shiva Karthik
A person named Amarnath writes biography of dead people which becomes ghost.


India | Aug 2011 | 4:45
Director: Jithin Nambiar
A boy who is going to lose his sound because of throat cancer has a positive outlook.

A Radical Change

India | Jun 2011 | 2:52
Director: Pradeep Maddali
Rishi comes to an isolated place. He is very much attached with his father and he recollects his memoirs with his father. His father was a Gangster an...


India | Sep 2014 | 16:10
Director: Prateek Payodhi
Two strangers try to spook each other on a 'haunted' road.

The Forbidden Story

India | Jun 2008 | 9:00
Director: Hiren Dave
A 20 year old boy, for whom his dreams are everything, thinks that these stars whom he uses to see every night from his window are his best friends.

Black Mirror

India | Oct 2011 | 4:32
Director: Adi Burman
Ranu doesn’t own a place to stay. He lost his parents in bomb blast. He is hungry. There is a lot of beauty to watch in Mumbai but what about the pove...

Coffee Shop

India | Jun 2014 | 5:30
Director: Viswanath Batchu
A person goes to a coffee shop and observes people around him.
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