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India | Oct 2012 | 20:28
Director: Vijendra Verma
A guy loves and dies on a whore name Chandni. He has got married but he hadn’t even touched to his wife yet. He ever dreams of Chandni, the whore, He ...
Image from Paytaan


India | Oct 2011 | 14:28
Director: Kaustubh Bankapure
A cobbler (shoemaker) family in a small village suffers long suppressed woe and anger, both individual and collective. Baji, (the name means a brave m...
Image from Dry Death

Dry Death

India | Dec 2011 | 6:51
Director: Vivek Venugopal
An educated young man unexpectedly kills a little angel while trying to abuse her sexually as he is excessively drunk. The thought of this incident ha...
Image from The Doorkeeper

The Doorkeeper

India | Aug 2011 | 7:22
Director: Meet Raval
An ordinary guy does a dull routine job of cleaning the doors for maintaining the heritage of the city of Ahmedabad.

Karma Code

India | Jun 2011 | 9:00
Director: Vinod Bharathan
Manu has a bad past, but wants to clean the slate. He has just 2 weeks before he leaves to a new life. But his past confronts him within.

The Forbidden Story

India | Jun 2008 | 9:00
Director: Hiren Dave
A 20 year old boy, for whom his dreams are everything, thinks that these stars whom he uses to see every night from his window are his best friends.

The Dark Queen

India | Oct 2014 | 16:57
Director: Abhishek Gupta
A girl meets the Dark Queen.
Image from Brahma


India | Jan 2011 | 7:20
Director: Prashant Bhilare
The mother cooks food in the kitchen for her children while the father smokes cigarettes on the roof.


India | May 2015 | 7:49
Director: Anuraag Talpade
A small balloon seller girls dreams and desires to play and enjoy like other normal children but is forced to work by her parents.

Quit Smoking

India | May 2010 | 2:17
Director: Aman Kumar
A young guy has a addiction of smoking. He gets a phone call from his friend while smoking. she asks him to quit smoking.he tries to convenience her t...
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