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The A.R.K. Report

Israel | Jan 2013 | 31:55
Director: Shmuel Hoffman
Young Karmi races to find the sacred Ark of the Covenant before the evil children's army can use it for their own diabolical purposes.

ימים ראשונים

Israel | Nov 2012 | 14:59
Director: Ohad Regev
Sometimes, we find we forgot 'how to love'. Sometimes, a simple instruction can remind us. Ruth and Uria re-fall-in-love on a film set.


Israel | 2006 | 5:59
Directors: Michael Faust, Ariel Belinco
The day to day life of a military world is disturbed by the appearance of a black kite behind its high walls. The army, annoyed by the existence of th...
Image from אלה מתחתנת

אלה מתחתנת

Israel | Nov 2013 | 10:23
Director: Dana Lerer
It's Ella's wedding day. The sky is blue, the guests are on the way, but something feels wrong. An unexpected encounter with a strange bell boy makes ...
Image from סיפור פעוט

סיפור פעוט

Israel | Jun 2013 | 8:48
Director: Mizmor Watzman
Outside a small house nestled among mountains, a little girl named Lali happily plays. An autumn breeze brings death with it. Lali, curious and innoce...


Israel | 2006 | 9:30
Director: Rodeon Brodsky
On International Women's Day, when all his fellow alien workers call their distant wives to greet them, Tolya remains speechless as he calls Natasha, ...
Image from Ha'Modedeim


Israel | 2007 | 15:00
Director: Asaf Saban
Two survevoyor workers, working during memorial day on the construction of the separation wall, unaware of the different segment's of Israel absurd re...
Image from Chavat Bodedim

Chavat Bodedim

Israel | Oct 2016 | 28:00
Director: Amikam Kovner
After two years in boarding school, Yiftach (16) is kicked out for good. He has to return to his father's sheep farm in the south, the place that once...
Image from Last of You

Last of You

Israel | Nov 2013 | 28:00
Director: Dan Sachar
In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recoll...
Image from Mitachat La'Or

Mitachat La'Or

Israel | Jan 2011 | 15:15
Director: Assaf Snir
A young man meets a leper girl in 1940's Jerusalem.
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