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Ireland | 2007
Director: Darren Thornton
Frankie is 15 and preparing for fatherhood he is determined to be the best dad ever, but as his day goes on, he starts to realize how impossible this ...

Six Shooter

Ireland | 2005 | 27:00
Director: Martin McDonagh
On a sad train journey home through rural ireland, and older man, whose wife has just died that morning, encounters a strange and possibly psychotic y...

The Fortune Teller

Ireland | Oct 2012 | 4:37
Director: Alexander Haselbacher
A man visits a fortune teller and she has bad news for him. On his way home he faces many tight spots, but the outcome is different then expected.
Image from Deviant


Ireland | May 2008 | 12:00
Director: Gerard Lough
A serial prowler gets his come uppance.
Image from Downpour


Ireland | Jun 2011 | 3:35
Director: Claire Dix
A bride-to-be recalls pivotal moments in her relationship that all took place in a shower a drizzle or a downpour.
Image from Un Peu Plus

Un Peu Plus

Ireland | Jun 2012 | 7:00
Director: Conor Ferguson
Proud Mme Rousseau is on a mission to enjoy the endless cakes of Paris with sweet abandon. But life has some bittersweet lessons to teach.
Image from The Ten Steps

The Ten Steps

Ireland | 2004 | 10:00
Director: Brendan Muldowney
Alone in an old house during a power cut, a young babysitter who is scared of the dark faces the prospect of a terrifying trip to the basement.
Image from The Scanner

The Scanner

Ireland | May 2009 | 3:48
Director: Gerard Lough
An alien builds an unusual device to allow him to scan an area for a hidden spacecraft that will take him home.
Image from The Fight

The Fight

Ireland | Jul 2014 | 13:00
Director: Keith Mannix
Beneath the frenzy of cockfighting in the Philippines is the curious relationship between the Filipino man, and his treasured idol whom he sends to ba...
Image from The Stolen Wings

The Stolen Wings

Ireland | Oct 2009 | 4:30
Director: Gerard Lough
A baby sitter makes up a fairy tale to entertain a child.
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