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Image from Sophie


Hungary | 2004 | 1:07
Director: Peter Vadocz
Sophie is a young girl. She’s getting start to count her members.
Everything seems all right, but at the end will clear up that her members are comm...


Hungary | Sep 2009 | 9:45
Director: Pierre Foldes
The lives of some individuals are interlinked by their shared feelings of city-life loneliness.


Hungary | 2007
Director: Martin Szecsanov
This short film is about the life of Takács József and the evolution of hiphop.

A Favorit

Hungary | Jan 2012 | 6:04
Director: Árpád Pap
Dezső, an ordinary lubmberjack, lives his unsociable life in a small village in Hungary. Seemingly he doesn’t care about anything. Seemingly.


Hungary | Aug 2012 | 4:55
Director: Demeter Lorant
A man wakes up to a world disappearing around him.
Image from Nyuszi és Őz

Nyuszi és Őz

Hungary | Jan 2013 | 16:15
Director: Péter Vácz
The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension.
9 awards
Image from +1°C


Hungary | Jan 2009 | 1:57
Director: Dénes Ruzsa
What may be waiting for us if we don’t do something about global warming soon?
Image from Szerencsés ember

Szerencsés ember

Hungary | 2005 | 14:00
Director: Tamás Keményffy
On the steppe nothing has changed for centuries. The sun is shining with the same ruthless. The sheep are grazing with the same ease. The dogs are bar...
Image from Rurban


Hungary | Aug 2012 | 5:00
Director: Esra Ozban
A woman is living with horns, construction machines, motors cars, rush hours, sirens, and busy streets. On the other side is a village with tiny stree...
Image from Exit


Hungary | Dec 2009 | 15:00
Director: Balázs Lóth
A night watchman feeling lonely as hell.
A hospital darker than usual.
A night that will never happen again.
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