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Hungary | 2007
Director: Martin Szecsanov
This short film is about the life of Takács József and the evolution of hiphop.
Image from Simon Vagyok

Simon Vagyok

Hungary | Oct 2009 | 11:41
Director: Tünde Molnár
Simon and his friends have their daily run together until one of them gets injured badly.
11 awards
Image from Rurban


Hungary | Aug 2012 | 5:00
Director: Esra Ozban
A woman is living with horns, construction machines, motors cars, rush hours, sirens, and busy streets. On the other side is a village with tiny stree...

The Golden Beach

Hungary | 2007
Director: Miklos Csoka
The idylls of home movies are not showing the reality all the time. We are the creators of our memories.


Hungary | 2007
Director: Éva Takovics
The film based on a story playing in a factory - iron foundry - where human´s heart can be cleaned. Workers exert to prepare dissaffected souls to cha...
Image from Exit


Hungary | Dec 2009 | 15:00
Director: Balázs Lóth
A night watchman feeling lonely as hell.
A hospital darker than usual.
A night that will never happen again.
Image from Shaking Life

Shaking Life

Hungary | 2006
Director: Peter Vadocz
You do the same things day by day; your life never stops - just gets more boring.

Tile Mail

Hungary | 2008
Directors: Gergely Somogyvári, Judit Feszt
This film, taking place in Lisbon, is Nobert’s Super 8 film-letter, with the help of which he tries to make contact with his distant family. Nobert le...
Image from Mama


Hungary | Jan 2009 | 8:30
Director: Géza M Tóth
A tale of a worldwide hangingout.

KJFG No. 5

Hungary | 2007 | 2:00
Director: Alexey Alekseev
Three “professional” musicians, the Bear, the Rabbit and the Wolf, are practicing their art in the forest, but suddenly the hunter turns up on the sce...
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