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The Solitary Life of Cranes

United Kingdom | 2009
Director: Eva Weber
Anonymous crane operators muse about their unique occupation in teh city of London.
Image from Someone


United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 5:25
Directors: Jean Constantial, Magali Barbe
The enigmatic and ambiguous identity quest of a human being left to one's own devices

A Bit on the Side

United Kingdom | 2006 | 12:00
Director: Steve Sullivan
Tony is fixated with drills of all shapes and sizes. As he searches for drills to add to his ever-increasing collection, logic behind this strange and...
Image from Chasing Maya

Chasing Maya

United Kingdom | Nov 2012 | 15:18
Director: Angelina Borovikova
For the first time in his life, an arrogant guy called Max meets a girl who can be his equal.

Rotten Apple

United Kingdom | 2006 | 15:00
Director: Ralitza Petrova
father and son, both confirmed town-dwellers, try to make a fresh start on a remote, run-down farm, in a bid to forget the wife and mother they have l...
Image from Float Downstream

Float Downstream

United Kingdom | May 2013 | 12:03
Director: Brian McNulty
George was once a happy-go-lucky child but is now a depressed teenager. It is his final year in secondary school and he is on the cusp of manhood. Geo...
Image from The Naughty List

The Naughty List

United Kingdom | Jul 2010 | 3:18
Director: Ben Mitchell
Santa Claus is overcome by lethargy, and it's up to his helper elf to kick him into gear.
Image from Everything in this Country Must

Everything in this Country Must

United Kingdom | 2004 | 21:00
Director: Gary McKendry
Northern Ireland, 1985. On a rainy night, a teenage girl must choose between gratitude to the British soldiers who saved the family horse from a flood...
Image from il Pacco

il Pacco

United Kingdom | Aug 2008 | 14:20
Director: Desideria Rayner
The owner of a modest jewel shop dreams of becoming very rich by selling a diamond in his possession.
Image from Little Dinosaurs

Little Dinosaurs

United Kingdom | Jan 2008 | 1:12
Director: Dana Dorian
A five-year-old Scottish boy discusses the best way for a group of small dinosaurs to stop a big dinosaur from picking on them.
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