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Image from Coffee


United Kingdom | May 2014 | 8:50
Director: Joshua Rayworth
In the subconscious, an anonymous man faces adversity when his ability to choose is no longer in his hands.
Image from The Most Beautiful Man in the World

The Most Beautiful Man in the World

United Kingdom | 2002 | 5:33
Director: Alicia Duffy
A girl. A dog. A mother. A topless man. This bewitching snapshot examines an encounter between a young girl and a topless man as the girl searches for...


United Kingdom | Sep 2007 | 5:21
Director: Trevor Hardy
Mrs Dombilard has lost her cat in a vaguely East European town. Rather plaintively she grills the inhabitants on the whereabouts of her beloved cat.
Image from Hard to Say

Hard to Say

United Kingdom | Sep 2011 | 17:00
Director: Rebecca Coley
Two teenage girls find out they're pregnant on the same day at school. This is their journey to decide what to do.
Image from The Shore

The Shore

United Kingdom | 2011
Director: Terry George
Two boyhood best friends from Northern Ireland reunite after 25 years.
Image from The Birthday Circle

The Birthday Circle

United Kingdom | Jun 2010 | 5:10
Director: Philip Lepherd
A middle-aged couple visit relatives, superficially for a birthday party but mainly to try and pursuade them to seek help with their living arrangemen...
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United Kingdom | Oct 2012 | 1:00
Director: Simon Mullen
Parties are great, you dance a lot and stay up late.
Image from Attack of the Aliens

Attack of the Aliens

United Kingdom | Jun 2010 | 5:53
Directors: Elliot Ashton, Gaia Predassi
When an Alien warship picks up radio signals whilst entering our Galaxy, it can lead to only one thing …certain doom for Mankind!
The Aliens trace th...


United Kingdom | Oct 2012 | 1:00
Director: Simon Mullen
Life is complicated. Sometimes its a battle just to locate your towel.
Image from 145khz


United Kingdom | Jan 2011 | 3:09
Director: Ian Bell
Still image, moving sound. A hypnotic, meditative signal is transmitted continuously on 145 kHz long wave. A still image lasting 1 second for each kHz...
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