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Image from The Salmon Smoker

The Salmon Smoker

United Kingdom | Apr 2013 | 5:45
Director: Nikolaj Belzer
Ole Hansens is a renowned urban artisanal salmon smoker with a radical individualist approach to life. Operating from a secluded, self-built urban cab...
Image from il Pacco

il Pacco

United Kingdom | Aug 2008 | 14:20
Director: Desideria Rayner
The owner of a modest jewel shop dreams of becoming very rich by selling a diamond in his possession.

Mother of Many

United Kingdom | 2009
Director: Emma Lazenby
The most dangerous journey needs a helping hand.

Bewick’s Mambo

United Kingdom | 2008
Director: Peter Snowdon
The library, identified as a place full of dusty and static silence, transforms itself, thanks to the author’s imagination and irony, into a surprisin...

Vagabond Shoes

United Kingdom | 2005 | 19:00
Director: Jackie Oudney
A chance occurrence gives Alex, an enigmatic homeless man, the opportunity to enter a high society gathering. There, the layers of his personality and...

Game Over: The Life of Keith Fairway

United Kingdom | Nov 2009 | 16:00
Director: Keir Black
Hungry ego, denial and dysfunctional friendship.
Image from Ashes


United Kingdom | Aug 2010 | 15:30
Director: Sonia Castang
Ash and Amisha are lovers. Ash pulls cons on rich and lonely housewives. By pretending to love them, Ash convinces the women that they will run away t...

The Bachelor Tree

United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 14:35
Director: Mark Turnock
Miss Peep (a murderous old widow) meets a handsome man who came to stay, and a tree with some unusual fruit.
Image from Centurion Resurrection

Centurion Resurrection

United Kingdom | Oct 2014 | 3:00
Director: Richard Bazley
A Roman Centurion soldier is resurrected in modern times at the Roman Baths, witnessed by a magnificent Golden Eagle (The Spirit of Rome).
Image from Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight

United Kingdom | Jul 2007 | 6:06
Director: Felix Massie
Keith Reynolds leaves his hat in his car. This isn’t the only mistake he makes today.
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