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The Greyness of Autumn

United Kingdom | Dec 2012 | 13:48
Director: Chris Quick
Danny McGuire is an ostrich who works for a call centre selling loft insulation. His life seems to be relatively stable with a decent job and a girlfr...


United Kingdom | 2008
Director: Marc Craste
A small creature struggles to preserve a remnant of the peace he once knew.

Black Box

United Kingdom | Jan 2013 | 8:40
Director: Adam Rae
Sydney, an airline pilot leaves a message on his wife’s answerphone, which he later regrets. Before he can reconcile with her his flight crashes over ...

Cycle Lane

United Kingdom | Feb 2017 | 3:52
Director: Alex Gambs
Running late for a job interview, the last thing Christian wants is a heated argument with a frustrated cyclist.
Image from The Christmas Guest

The Christmas Guest

United Kingdom | Jun 2014 | 6:50
Director: Noel J. Rainford
Melanie Shaw expects the run up to Christmas to be just like any other year. Except this year there is a visit from an unexpected source.
Image from A Matter of Hair

A Matter of Hair

United Kingdom | Jul 2004 | 11:07
Director: Ana Torres-Alvarez
Paul is staring to lose his hair and that worries him because of his girlfriend, Sarah. He will find information about a miracles product to save his ...
Image from Cook Book

Cook Book

United Kingdom | Feb 2012 | 6:22
Directors: Andrew William Robb, Martin Briggs-Watson
A hapless bachelor tries in vain to cook a romantic dinner. Life looks bleak until a magical chain of events brings a surprising transformation. His n...


United Kingdom | Aug 2014 | 14:07
Director: Helen Lyons-Curran
On the Belgium - France border, in May 1940, during the British retreat to Dunkirk, young, inexperienced Private Barnes and injured Sergeant Thompson ...


United Kingdom | Jan 2012 | 15:00
Director: Trevor Michael Georges
For some, murder is an art. For others... just a very bad idea.

The Santa Trap

United Kingdom | Jan 2010 | 10:00
Director: Victoria Thomas
Fed up with receiving bad gifts on special occassions, 7 year old Rosie embarks on a mission to kidnap the serial offenders. After sucessfully snaring...
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