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Image from How to Cope with Death

How to Cope with Death

United Kingdom | 2002 | 3:10
Director: Ignacio Ferreras
Death, the Grim Reaper, descends upon a very old woman who seems ripe enough to be harvested. But appearances can be deceptive; this is one old woman ...
Image from Three-Legged Horses

Three-Legged Horses

United Kingdom | Dec 2011 | 14:59
Director: Felipe Bustos Sierra
A rickshaw driver with bad knees makes brief but powerful encounters with buskers, drunks and potential passengers on his last night in Edinburgh.
Image from Getting Ready

Getting Ready

United Kingdom | Jan 2010 | 4:30
Director: Ben Barton
A faded icon of stage and screen prepares for the greatest performance of her life -
a star-studded suicide.
Image from Uphill for Jesus

Uphill for Jesus

United Kingdom | Jun 2008 | 3:00
Director: Ben Barton
A group of evangelical Christians carry a large wooden cross two miles uphill.
Image from The Shot

The Shot

United Kingdom | Jan 2012 | 8:35
Director: David Schofield
Graham is a photographer out in the wilds. He meets Chelsea, a common as muck sandwich van worker. Chelsea shows Graham the best places for photos and...
Image from Elephant Boy

Elephant Boy

United Kingdom | 2005 | 26:00
Director: Rene Mohandas
A true story about a remarkable beggar boy who is inspired by a vision to escape the harsh streets of Mumbai.
Image from Ray: A Life Underwater

Ray: A Life Underwater

United Kingdom | Apr 2011 | 14:10
Director: Amanda Bluglass
75-year-old diver Ray Ives takes us underwater in search of treasure, and in doing so, reveals the secret to a long and happy life.
Image from K


United Kingdom | Jan 2008 | 19:40
Director: Piers Thompson
15-year-old Kaylee encounters an enigmatic stranger and is compelled to re-evaluate her future.
Image from Wednesday Afternoons

Wednesday Afternoons

United Kingdom | Jan 2010 | 15:00
Director: Nora Alsharif
Henry Walker, a retired railway clerk and a lonely widower, prepares the setting in his flat for a game of chess between him and his old time friend T...
Image from Die Legionens Der Fuhrer Von Gott

Die Legionens Der Fuhrer Von Gott

United Kingdom | May 2007
Director: Laura Seymour
A 'found film' brought back to life: Discovered in Eastern Europe in the late 1990's this rare piece of Nazi propaganda has been recreated with an int...
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