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La Piscine

France | 2008
Director: Fabrice Chanut
Un été caniculaire quelque part en Provence. Comme d’habitude, Thierry fait la manche. Simon, aujourd’hui, se sent investi d’une mission : aider son p...
Image from Polaroid Song

Polaroid Song

France | Jan 2012 | 19:15
Directors: Alphonse Giorgi, Yann Tivrier
In 1991, Lise is 18. Gulf War ends, USSR collapses, Nirvana gives birth in a pool and three girls create the rock band Periodink.
Image from Bigmundial


France | Jun 2013 | 2:50
Director: Maurice Huvelin
There is an unlikely ambiance at a stadium during the next Mundial - Red vs Yellow… The grand match of the century.

Sequoia Mantis

France | Apr 2011 | 0:50
Director: Rémi Devouassoud
A thinking mantis explains the relationship between men mantis and her.

Dies Irae

France | 2005 | 10:00
Director: Jean-Gabriel Periot
Remember that I am the cause of your journey. Do not lose me on that day.
Image from Une Deuxième Chance

Une Deuxième Chance

France | Jun 2015 | 5:55
Director: David Casals-Roma
A ten year-old boy is caught up stealing in a supermarket. But the cashier, instead of calling the police, decides to give him a second chance. Fiftee...

Il Settimo

France | Mar 2012 | 9:30
Director: Luska Khalapyan
Arriving in Paris from a small town of Italy, Maria is due to meet Emilio to give him a package sent by his aunt. As part of a matchmaking scheme, Emi...

Cellule Morte

France | Feb 2008 | 30:00
Director: Lou Ma Ho
A young woman awakes in a cell. She has done nothing wrong to be there. She will discover that she is only guilty to have done nothing.

Le Baiser

France | 2005 | 5:00
Director: Stéfan Le Lay
A young woman is waiting for her beloved for their first french kiss, when suddenly everything turns upside down.


Director: Geoffrey Boulangé
A boy is forced to take an unexpected step towards adulthood in this short coming of age drama from first-time director Geoffrey Boulangé. A woman is ...
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