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Image from Hasta Siempre Hijo Mío

Hasta Siempre Hijo Mío

Spain | May 2013 | 10:00
Director: Manuel Martínez Marcos
We take a look at divorce and the hurt involved, through the impartial and reflexive eyes of 11-year old Hugo…
Image from Hibernation


Spain | Nov 2012 | 17:00
Director: Jon Mikel Caballero
Joseph Wood is an astronaut set to go where no man has ever gone before in the Universe thanks to the Hibernation Programme. But something happens bet...

X Nada

Spain | 2009
Directors: Tony Veiga, Dani de la Torre
Ser un malote de barrio, ter unha pandilla e facer gamberradas, pode ter a súa gracia. Pero a veces as gamberradas pásanse de voltas. Móbiles, violenc...

Por Alcanzarte

Spain | Jul 2014 | 19:46
Director: Natalia Ruiz
¿Qué pasa cuando el tiempo se desaprovecha, se despilfarra o nos pierde? ¿Qué pasa si el tiempo se entromete entre dos personas? Fidel y Penélope se v...
Image from La Media Pena

La Media Pena

Spain | Jun 2011 | 14:28
Director: Sergio Barrejón
At dawn, an executive is about to shoot himself in his office. When he is just about to pull the trigger, the unexpected arrival of the cleaning lady ...
Image from Mormón


Spain | Feb 2013 | 4:29
Director: Ceres Machado
A Mormon knocks at a door ready to evangelize a lonely girl. From that moment, begins the most strange and funny religious meeting.
Image from Daisy Cutter

Daisy Cutter

Spain | Sep 2010 | 6:41
Directors: Ruben Salazar, Enrique García
Zaira gathers daisies every day for a friend that she misses; so as not to forget him, so as not to lose him.

Bendito Machine 2

Spain | 2007
Director: Jossie Malis
A primitive fable about the consumption of fantasy soda pop.
Image from Anónimos


Spain | Aug 2011 | 8:45
Director: Félix Llorente
Two people look for each other in Venice: a labyrinth of streets, bridges and water canals. They don´t know each other, never met before, and they ign...
Image from Separata


Spain | Apr 2013 | 17:53
Director: Miguel Lafuente
Marina is preparing an audition in a drastic moment of her life when she has to reconsider her vocation and sexual orientation. But the audition piece...
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