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Blændet af Solen

Denmark | Feb 2008 | 30:00
Director: Thomas Holtermann Østgaard
A young boy, Ivan, is set to win the village's annual sunflower competition. To help him, he has his best and only true friend, the girl Josefine. Whi...


Denmark | Nov 2009 | 29:00
Director: Birgitte Staermose
Children are trying to survive the aftermath of war in Kosovo by selling cigarettes on the street.
Image from The Viking Five

The Viking Five

Denmark | Jan 2003 | 9:50
Director: Sven van der Hart
Two rivaling Viking clans try to rob a monk.

Nice to Meet You

Denmark | Apr 2006 | 50:00
Director: Fenar Ahmad
For over a year Fenar Ahmad followed the lives of 600 Iraqis, all which have been refused asylum in Denmark. Some of them have lived in Danish refugee...

I Feel Great

Denmark | Oct 2014 | 40:00
Director: Mirza Ekinovic
Muki is 30 years old and lives in the suburbs of Copenhagen. He arrived to Denmark as the only survived member of his family – all others have become ...

The Yellow Jersey

Denmark | Apr 2008 | 13:00
Director: Jesper Ravn
1986 - Jørgen Leth did second-unit photography during the Tour de France. Together with a French film crew Leth followed the Tour with revolutionizing...
Image from Lille Lys

Lille Lys

Denmark | Mar 2013 | 9:20
Director: Emilia Ondriasova
A woman is striving for perfection in every aspect of her life – as a woman, a wife, a housewife, but most importantly as a mother. However, the more ...
Image from Here Comes the White

Here Comes the White

Denmark | Nov 2013 | 5:46
Director: John Tinning
A white creature is born out of a silver box into a dark world. The white creature goos out and examines this alien world.

We Who Stayed Behind

Denmark | 2008
Director: Martin de Thurah
In a village where all the grown-ups have succombed to a severe plague, two children try to survive...

Happy Now

Denmark | 2004 | 18:00
Director: Frederikke Aspöck
Happy Now is a bittersweet story about wanting to be seen as an individual. A typical American family goes to the beach. Their seemingly perfect life ...
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