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Denmark | Apr 2014 | 15:00
Director: Gabriel Tzafkas
The sailor Jørgen returns home to Denmark for a single night and tries to track down his lost love whom he left many years ago. As the hours passes by...
Image from Rise From Your Grave

Rise From Your Grave

Denmark | Feb 2009 | 27:00
Director: Carl Marott
On a moonless night, when a radioactive meter collides with the planet earth, all hell breaks loose! The dead have risen once more, led by the immorta...
Image from Anna


Denmark | May 2009 | 35:00
Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson
Anna is a 12-year-old girl, living in a small fishing village. She is at a crossroad in her life. Her surroundings are changing – and so is she.

Mand vs. Film

Denmark | Jan 2011 | 8:00
Director: Jesper Ravn
A marathon runner is equipped with one roll of film. He wants to run until there is no more film. He has never run a film before.
Image from The Guest

The Guest

Denmark | Feb 2010 | 7:16
Director: Henrik Malmgren
As the old lonely Elsa celebrates her late husbands birthday, the order is disrupted, and Elsa makes a decision that changes more than her own life.


Denmark | Apr 2013 | 11:12
Director: Johanna Stentorp
In a hospital two fatally ill teenagers, Theo and Aron, don’t only share the same room while waiting for the end, but also everything from silly jokes...


Denmark | May 2008 | 26:00
Director: Fenar Ahmad
In 2020 the coalition has left Iraq, which is left in civil war. A group of Iraqis is hiding beneath the earth and we follow their lives through the e...
Image from Regular Jobs

Regular Jobs

Denmark | Jun 2009 | 8:40
Director: Vinod Bharathan
Elliot (Jacob Guldager) and Danny (Nijas Fjeldsmos) are two childhood friends who chose the wrong way to grow up. They have been involved in gang acti...
Image from Fars Søn

Fars Søn

Denmark | Aug 2009 | 14:00
Director: Martin Winther
Jacob is out of a family with a violent father. Jacob has used most of his life on proving how different he is from his father. But through a fishing ...

Nice to Meet You

Denmark | Apr 2006 | 50:00
Director: Fenar Ahmad
For over a year Fenar Ahmad followed the lives of 600 Iraqis, all which have been refused asylum in Denmark. Some of them have lived in Danish refugee...
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