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Germany | 2004
Director: Tessa Knapp
A hypnotic trip leads to a deserted sanatorium for children. Time has flown in space and present grows through windows and doors by fresh green leaves...

Butterfly Stroke

Germany | Jun 2011 | 29:37
Director: Reinhard Bock
Katsunori Aoki, a graphic designer and creative director, is interviewed in his offices and he talks about his work during a walk in his quarters.
Image from Wie Ich Lernte den Fuji zu Lieben

Wie Ich Lernte den Fuji zu Lieben

Germany | Feb 2015 | 25:00
Director: Reinhard Bock
In the arthouse in Fujikawacho, Japan, calligrapher Koshu is explaining his art to visiting guests and potter Takai is doing a bowl at the rotating wo...
Image from Pantoffelhelden


Germany | 2004 | 7:12
Director: Susanne Seidel
Pantoffelhelden is the tale of the love of a frog for a frog-shaped slipper. The male frog has to defend his beloved and himself from a voracious cran...


Germany | 2004 | 9:00
Director: Felix Goennert
Lucia discovers some x-ray pictures on her night trip through the hospital. An image of a head stimulates her fantasy – dream and reality dissolve int...

Rauschen & Brausen I

Germany | 2007 | 4:52
Director: Daniel Burghardt
Skyscraper floors stacked up in the background, rising up into the void. In front of this, roaring traffic not touching the ground. The vehicles are s...
Image from Tunnels


Germany | Jan 2012 | 29:59
Director: Nir Segev
Strange things have been occurring to Javier. He suddenly finds himself naked in Berlin. He doesn't know why he's naked and what exactly he's doing in...
Image from Zweibettzimmer


Germany | Oct 2012 | 9:18
Director: Fabian Giessler
Two old men share a hospital room, in which the window is the only connection to the outside world and thus becomes a highly demanded resource.
Image from Solange das Licht Noch Brennt

Solange das Licht Noch Brennt

Germany | Feb 2010 | 23:36
Director: Giuseppe Sacco
Nico didn't expect to wake up after the party like that. The light dies before his face. But only where there is darkness, new light can be born.

No Room for Gerold

Germany | 2006
Director: Daniel Nocke
After ten long years in the flat, Gerold the crocodile is being thrown out. Is there a conspiracy against him? Does newcomer Ellen the wildebeest have...
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