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Mr Schwartz, Mr Hazen and Mr Horlocker

Germany | 2006 | 7:40
Director: Stefan Müller
Disturbed by loud music from one of his neighbours, Mr. Schwartz calls the police. But initially the officer can't ascertain anything... Then the film...

16:9 Full HD

Germany | 2007
Director: Marion Pfaus
Was Sie schon immer über die Unterschiede zwischen 4:3 und 16:9 wissen wollten.

Land Gewinnen

Germany | 2007
Director: Marc Brumond
Andrej and his family have been living in Germany illegally for years. When his son reaches school age, he can't hide any longer. Mischa's future is a...
Image from Amor Fati

Amor Fati

Germany | Oct 2005 | 15:50
Director: Dennis Todorovic
After the death of his young bride, Nenad travels to Montenegro with his father-in-law to her funeral and faces a different approach to life.

One Step Further

Germany | Jul 2009 | 5:48
Directors: Florian Kuhn, Robert Kellner
A policeman torn between his paternal love and his official duty.


Germany | 2008
Director: Marvin Kren
A boy wants to prevent his friends from taking a daring test of courage. A lonely man confronts his most painful memories. A family is on its way to s...

1000 Gramm

Germany | Dec 2010 | 15:00
Director: Tom Bewilogua
The average quantity to get lipoed for contouring the stomach muscles at a normal weight person is: "1000 grams“


Germany | 2007
Director: Hanno Olderdissen
Eight-year-old Robin finds no place for himself in his difficult family. When his parents accidentally hurt his baby sister badly in a quarrel, he des...
Image from Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Germany | May 2010 | 14:30
Director: Anthony Vouardoux
After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha46, the cosmonaut Yuri Lennon is confronted with an extraordinary paradox.
Image from Missing


Germany | Jun 2011 | 2:40
Director: Cristian Wiesenfeld
Vanishing cows and strange lights from the sky brake the silence of a tiny small village.
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