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Image from Spaghetti Für Zwei

Spaghetti Für Zwei

Germany | May 2011 | 18:31
Director: Matthias Rosenberger
When losers win.
Image from Der Zuschauer

Der Zuschauer

Germany | Apr 2012 | 11:06
Director: Christian Fischer
The new surveillance camera right next to the stage has driven a theatre actor crazy. Because who is watching him? And what does he want? He has captu...
Image from The Periwig Maker

The Periwig Maker

Germany | Nov 1999 | 15:00
Director: Steffen Schaeffler
A man seals himself off in medieval plague-infested London to escape the danger of infection. When an ill litle girl seeks his help, his life is turne...
Image from Post!


Germany | Jan 2008 | 13:20
Directors: Christian Asmussen, Matthias Bruhn
A postman burns the received letters and distributes letters, written by himself. Therefore he becomes the centre-point for the villagers.


Germany | 2008
Director: Piotr J. Lewandowski
11-year-old Janek is raised under difficult conditions by his single mother. She loves him deeply, yet her alcohol addiction and her frequently changi...

Rain is Falling

Germany | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Holger Ernst
Far away in a foreign and apparently merciless world, a little girl struggles to carry water pots that are far too heavy for her. Uncomplaining, she h...
Image from LaufendeGeschäfte


Germany | Jul 2009 | 8:36
Director: Falk Schuster
Clocks beat to a different rythym. Two people living next door to one another are in completely seperate worlds. But one day their paths cross and the...
Image from Zeiträume


Germany | Jan 2010 | 28:48
Director: Susanne Bohlmann
Three humans waiting - for news, the end of pain, a new life, for better days. Although they are in the same bizare waiting room, they are seperated
Image from Das Gefrorene Meer

Das Gefrorene Meer

Germany | Jan 2007 | 27:00
Director: Lukas Miko
A film about the first big loss of confidence in the life of a child.
Image from Delivery


Germany | 2005 | 9:00
Director: Till Nowak
An old hermit, living in the shadow of a dreary industrial-town, receives a mysterious box that enables him to change his surroundings.
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