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Image from Capacities


Germany | Aug 2011 | 0:09
Director: Kuesti Fraun
A dude gets rid of his empty can.
Image from Sender 77

Sender 77

Germany | Oct 2009 | 4:54
Director: Christian Fischer
A new television station shows outlaws on the run. 17277 is one of them. He just found out about his biotransmitter - it's hidden in a back tooth...

Harry and Bo

Germany | Feb 2008 | 35:00
Director: Slavko Spionjak
Harry ist ein Alkoholiker, Versager und nicht ganz so intelligenter Mann. Aber genau so wie er ist und was ihn ausmacht hat ihn dazu gebracht das zu t...

No Goodbye

Germany | Oct 2015 | 13:58
Director: Ludo Vici
One day, you are forced to look in the mirror. It was the performance of her life, but then, a glance in her dressing mirror changes everything. Who i...
Image from Heimweh


Germany | Nov 2010 | 16:17
Director: Mia Meyer
Stefan breaks into cars and steals money to support his emotionally distant mother and younger brother who live in an urban council estate. Whilst he ...

Vorletzter abschied

Germany | 2004 | 22:00
Director: Heiko Hahn
Walter has decided to put his ailing wife in a nursing home. On the day she is leaving, he tries to make her understand his actions, while at the same...


Germany | Apr 2010 | 3:00
Director: Andreas Zerr
The life of a woman... in kitchens.
Image from Strong Coffee with Vodka

Strong Coffee with Vodka

Germany | Dec 2013 | 18:25
Director: Vladimir Scheiermann
Louie is a waiter in a cafe who gets humorously walked all over by his dictatorial boss Kanaan and a sadistic customer when small, absurd misunderstan...

Was übrig bleibt

Germany | 2008
Directors: Andreas Gräfenstein, Fabian Daub
In Waldenburg sind die Zechen dicht. Auf eigene Faust bauen Lukasz und sein Freund Jacek nun die Kohle ab. Ständig ist die Polizei den beiden auf den ...
Image from Energie!


Germany | Mar 2007 | 5:06
Director: Thorsten Fleisch
The tv/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For 'energie!' an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of ap...
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