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Germany | Mar 2011 | 5:46
Directors: Martin Groetzschel, Benjamin Manderbach
The dance, as a feeling of individuality is quickly threatened by the march of the masses. A barefoot dancer is about to discover his own dance and no...
Image from Rauschgift


Germany | Mar 2011 | 23:00
Director: Peter Baranowski
Between rainy Germany and the dodgy roads of the Moroccan Rif-mountains, on a path usually used for drug-trafficking, a man tries to reach out for his...
Image from True Love

True Love

Germany | Jul 2009 | 10:00
Director: Kotini Junior
Mrs. Jaschke, a lonely and unpresumptuous secretary, is in love. She eventually plucks up courage and approaches the man of her dreams. However, she w...

Der Spiegel

Germany | 2007
Director: Keren Cytter
One shot describes the story of a woman who's waiting for a young man to save her from her loneliness. The camera is moving endlessly in the shape of ...

Our Wonderful Nature

Germany | 2008
Director: Tomer Eshed
A witty parody on Discovery Channel.

Bildfenster | Fensterbilder

Germany | 2007
Director: Bert Gottschalk
The single frames of 8 mm films are compared with windows in building facades of a city.
Image from The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller

Germany | Feb 2013 | 23:32
Director: Matteo Tonarelli
Richard recently broke up with his fiance, Ana, scared by the idea of getting married. Mary, Richard's best friend, in order to help his friend make u...
Image from Da Ist Nichts!

Da Ist Nichts!

Germany | Jun 2008 | 3:07
Directors: Markus Schaefer, René Schöttler
Nearly no smoke!
Image from Stillstand


Germany | Jan 2012 | 10:20
Director: Benjamin Teske
Alexander is a young ER resident. After a massacre at a nearby school, his professionalism is put to the test. Not only that he loses a patient for th...
Image from Post!


Germany | Jan 2008 | 13:20
Directors: Christian Asmussen, Matthias Bruhn
A postman burns the received letters and distributes letters, written by himself. Therefore he becomes the centre-point for the villagers.
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