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Czech Republic | Sep 2009 | 24:00
Director: Lukáš Kokeš
An evermore unhappy man with stiff imagination that something has to happen and always waiting for his time, when he finally can start to live his lif...
Image from Conscientia


Czech Republic | Feb 2011 | 6:59
Director: Lukas Placek
What you have to do to hate yourself? Does your conscience really matter?

Zlínská polévka

Czech Republic | Sep 2007 | 8:40
Director: Akile Nazli Kaya
The film tries to present the city of Zlin. Its recent past is animated, the present is pixelated. The film tries to find out "why Zlin city is so str...


Czech Republic | 2009 | 7:00
Director: Marek Berger
Hlavní hrdina vytváří prostorové obrazy, jež vzápětí ožívají a stávají se skutečnými. Tím je trnem v oku místní policii, která ho vytrvale pronásleduj...

A Son’s War

Czech Republic | 2009
Director: Steven Edell
Prague, 1939. The true story of Jan Wiener, a young Czech Jew, and his mother, Frantiska, struggling to survive at the outset of Nazi occupation durin...


Czech Republic | 2009
Director: Robin Kašpařík
Three people are trying to find the fortune of a deceased baroness through the spiritualistic séance. But things will go a bit differently than they p...


Czech Republic | Oct 2014 | 5:16
Director: Filip Kilián
When she wakes up, she is on a secret, mysterious place. What is she doing here? How did she get here? And what's the purpose of her journey? She will...


Czech Republic | 2008
Director: Viera Čákanyová
A tabloid journalist specializes in True Stories, such as murders, suicides, abuses and so on.
Image from Ruce


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 5:00
Director: Adéla Šimová
What can happen if someone lends his hand to help someone else...
Image from Racek


Czech Republic | Jun 2013 | 5:24
Director: Noemi Valentíny
A lighthouse keeper collects driftwood everyday to light the fire on the top of his lighthouse. The only company and joy in his lonely, monotonous lif...
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