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Não Fique Pilhado

Brazil | 2000
Directors: João Amorim, Carlos Duba, Vicente Amorim
A modern, humoristic cartoon about recycling batteries.

Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho

Brazil | Jun 2010 | 17:00
Director: Daniel Ribeiro
The arrival of a new student in school changes everything in Leonardo's life. This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his lon...
Image from Jornada de Um Herói

Jornada de Um Herói

Brazil | Oct 2016 | 4:23
Director: Gustavo Ferreira
A depressed and insecure hero, in the midst of an existential crisis, seeks in therapy a way to overcome his failures.

Palace II

Brazil | 2001 | 21:00
Directors: Katia Lund, Fernando Meirelles
Two kids, Laranjinha and Acerola, live in a violent favela in Rio de Janeiro. All they want is some pocket money to go to a concert. The easier way to...
Image from Inocente


Brazil | Jul 2009 | 18:00
Directors: Beto Schultz, Thiago Luciano
The guilt is the incapacity to deal with an error. A broken desire, the direct contact with human reality, against its perfectionist will. We build an...
Image from Espantalhos


Brazil | Jan 2013 | 15:00
Director: Marcelo Domingues
Love, life, and death in the gloomy world of two scarecrows. Creatures unanimated during the day, but full of life and feelings when the night comes.
Image from Como São Cruéis os Pássaros da Alvorada

Como São Cruéis os Pássaros da Alvorada

Brazil | May 2015 | 21:30
Director: João Toledo
A young man lives his daily routine. He goes from one place to the other, but it feels like he is not moving. He doesn't seem to be there at all. All ...
Image from A Day in the Life of Bambam

A Day in the Life of Bambam

Brazil | Oct 2013 | 5:44
Director: Ricardo Pêdo
A doll turns into a boy like Pinocchio.

Circuito Interno

Brazil | Apr 2010 | 13:00
Director: Julio Marti
Elias, an illegal Bolivian immigrant, pressed by his colleagues, looks for a way to baptize his nephew.

The Scarecrow Girl

Brazil | 2008
Director: Cassio Pereira dos Santos
A girl from a rural farm in Brazil works to convince her father that she should be allowed to go to school, and in doing so, brings her family closer ...
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