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Image from Izamara


Brazil | Mar 2010 | 9:00
Director: Diogo Hayashi
A painter on the edge of reality, sure that his muse was gone

Um Cara Chamado Adalicio

Brazil | Jul 2013 | 5:49
Director: Alberto Meneghetti
Adalicio de Souza is a taxi driver from the city of Sao Paulo who makes his living running over 170 miles a day in this megalopolis.
Image from Abelardo


Brazil | Jun 2012 | 15:34
Director: Ane Siderman
José Antônio da Silva Ballestero has been a projectionist for 53 years at cinemas on the west border of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. José A...
Image from A Day in the Life of Bambam

A Day in the Life of Bambam

Brazil | Oct 2013 | 5:44
Director: Ricardo Pêdo
A doll turns into a boy like Pinocchio.
Image from O Dia M

O Dia M

Brazil | Oct 2008 | 14:40
Director: Paulo Leierer
Almeida, a 35 year-old ordinary man, is forced to make the arrangements for his death.
Image from Maestros at Play

Maestros at Play

Brazil | Jan 2014 | 3:30
Director: Jon Lewis
This film attempts to capture a little of the innocence and joy of youth, however fleeting this can appear to be.

Onde Você Vai?

Brazil | Oct 2010 | 15:00
Director: Victor Fisch
Elias and Sonia are an old couple staring at the clock in the living room. It is a world of its own, of daily activities and questioning memories, the...
Image from Ao Meu Pai com Carinho

Ao Meu Pai com Carinho

Brazil | May 2010 | 15:00
Director: Fausto Noro
Marcio, a young upper-middle-class boy, suffers an express kidnap. The hijackers make a call to a wrong phone number and end up negotiating with Bruno...
Image from Espantalhos


Brazil | Jan 2013 | 15:00
Director: Marcelo Domingues
Love, life, and death in the gloomy world of two scarecrows. Creatures unanimated during the day, but full of life and feelings when the night comes.
Image from Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Brazil | Mar 2010 | 10:00
Director: Thiago Luciano
What happens when a man tired of the routine decides to escape the chaos of the big city? An ordinary man, in an attempt to isolate, faces his greates...
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