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Image from A Lenda da Mulher de Branco

A Lenda da Mulher de Branco

Brazil | Sep 2015 | 10:00
Director: Carlos Eduardo Bessa
Around the world, countless indications point to the existence of lonely spirits that materialize in our reality, interacting in a way we cannot compr...
Image from Dissonâncias


Brazil | Dec 2013 | 51:48
Director: Anderson Franco
During a radio broadcast, lonely people have their lives connected, but they are unable to realize that.
Image from Animaminded


Brazil | Feb 2010 | 4:52
Director: Rodrigo De Sá Jorge
A father is called in by the school's principal because of a disturbing and (maybe) untruthful essay his son wrote in class, where the school was supp...
Image from Sebo


Brazil | Jul 2009 | 7:40
Directors: Lucas Cassales, Alexandre Kumpinski
In a abysmal room of a decadent manor house, an excentric elder gets annoyed by the noisy way that a little girl takes soup. At the same time, in the ...

Se Alquila se Vende

Brazil | 2008
Director: Jaqueline Salomao
Los recuerdos proyectados que se mezclan con el presente en un flujo de memorias nostálgico y caótico.
Image from Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Brazil | Mar 2010 | 10:00
Director: Thiago Luciano
What happens when a man tired of the routine decides to escape the chaos of the big city? An ordinary man, in an attempt to isolate, faces his greates...
Image from Entre Anoes e Cifroes

Entre Anoes e Cifroes

Brazil | Jul 2012 | 20:00
Director: Marcelo Martins
Marcelo is a future lottery winner. On the last day before becoming a millionaire he confronts surreal events and situations known as urban legends: t...
Image from As Figurante$

As Figurante$

Brazil | Dec 2009 | 17:44
Director: Luiz Rosemberg Filho
Duas jovens atrizes formadas, que pela falta de trabalho, são obrigadas a serem figurantes num filme de capa espada rodado no ambiente ao lado.
Image from Coco de Elevador

Coco de Elevador

Brazil | Sep 2013 | 3:54
Director: Paulo Passaro
An office worker is struggling to attract the girl of his dreams, a coworker. The question posed is this; Are his colleagues and his daily office task...

O Segredo Do Garnet Azul

Brazil | Jan 2017 | 9:10
Director: Guilherme Teresani
Em um vilarejo do século XVI vive Jim, um jovem casado com Alice Bordeau.
Porém de forma misteriosa Alice é assassinada em uma noite, e ninguém conse...
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