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Dossie Re Bordosa

Brazil | 2008
Director: César Cabral
¿Fama? ¿Ego? ¿Envidia? ¿Cuáles son los principales motivos que llevaron a Angeli a matar a Ré Bordosa, su más famosa creación?
Image from A Lenda da Mulher de Branco

A Lenda da Mulher de Branco

Brazil | Sep 2015 | 10:00
Director: Carlos Eduardo Bessa
Around the world, countless indications point to the existence of lonely spirits that materialize in our reality, interacting in a way we cannot compr...
Image from Nove e Meia

Nove e Meia

Brazil | Jul 2012 | 19:40
Director: Filipe Ferreira
A desperate man's family has been destroyed by a terrible car accident. Soon he realizes that the broken watch, that he carries like a souvenir from t...
Image from Lagrimas


Brazil | Feb 2010 | 14:00
Director: Fabiano Moura
Dream and reality join, when a housewife takes advantage of her husband trip, with their son, to fall in temptation.
Image from Finito


Brazil | Jun 2012 | 11:58
Directors: Jonathan Mendonça, Marcos Artoni
The lonely life of Elias is close to the end. His advanced state of depression has led him to contemplate suicide. It now remains to be seen whether a...
Image from Os Amigos de 68

Os Amigos de 68

Brazil | Oct 2012 | 15:00
Director: Elena Diniz Alves
Brazil, June 1968. A student assembly is held in full military dictatorship. Known as “The Occupation of the Rectory”, the assembly led to the arrest ...

Minami en Close Up - A Boca em Revista

Brazil | Nov 2008 | 19:00
Director: Thiago Mendonca
La Boca do Lixo es una región de San Pablo estigmatizada por el tráfico de drogas y la prostitución. En los años 70 surgió de allí un movimiento de ci...
Image from Espantalhos


Brazil | Jan 2013 | 15:00
Director: Marcelo Domingues
Love, life, and death in the gloomy world of two scarecrows. Creatures unanimated during the day, but full of life and feelings when the night comes.
Image from Dissonâncias


Brazil | Dec 2013 | 51:48
Director: Anderson Franco
During a radio broadcast, lonely people have their lives connected, but they are unable to realize that.
Image from Maestros at Play

Maestros at Play

Brazil | Jan 2014 | 3:30
Director: Jon Lewis
This film attempts to capture a little of the innocence and joy of youth, however fleeting this can appear to be.
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