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Image from Райска Ябълка

Райска Ябълка

Bulgaria | Jun 2016 | 13:00
Director: Vladimir Shomov
An old man plants a tree that he found on the side of the road and the tree turns out to speak and they become friends. The tree helps the man in a di...

Щастливи Заедно

Bulgaria | Sep 2012 | 22:14
Director: Iossif Melamed
Max is a scientist who is living with his domineering mother. His mother is a an evil woman whose hobby is to stuff little kittens and to harass Max. ...
Image from Печената Тиква

Печената Тиква

Bulgaria | Jun 2010 | 10:03
Director: Iossif Melamed
Dusko works in Sofia, but he is ashamed of his provincial origin. Dusko is trying to be like any citizen. One day he was offered a baked pumpkin - a t...


Bulgaria | Jun 2010 | 11:40
Director: Ana Kitanova
A young woman tries to cure her insomnia with all kinds of pillows until she finds out that the pillow she really needs is the seller of pillow.

Кръг За Двама

Bulgaria | Sep 2010 | 5:00
Director: Nenko Genov
A boy and a girl face a change in their lives. What happens with the high- school love when their ways part? Desperately hanging to each other, spendi...
Image from Clouds Fly West

Clouds Fly West

Bulgaria | Dec 2009 | 22:30
Director: Vesselin Cholakov
A man in an unknown city, with no friend to talk with, has nothing to do for a living but to play an accordion.
Image from Janne of Love

Janne of Love

Bulgaria | Nov 2013 | 25:22
Director: Radko Savov
Jolly Bulgarian and a shy Finn are struck by Cupid's arrow, but soon it is turned into firewood for the cauldron of problems between East and West.


Bulgaria | May 2008 | 1:52
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
Birdy is a cute little bird but what's bothering it?
Image from Свадба


Bulgaria | Mar 2009 | 0:58
Directors: Dianko Manalov, Ivan Savov
No matter how well man lives, he get married...
Image from Parallel


Bulgaria | Mar 2010 | 4:00
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
A man who lives with his fears in his dreams and parallel with reality.
Is he going to escape from his paranoia or is it going to chase him forever? ...
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