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Bulgaria | Apr 1999 | 26:07
Director: Julian Minkov
Stranded on the cliffs of obscurity Jonnah looks for a way out of a dark phase. Anne tries in vain to bridge the gap between them created by Jonnah's ...
Image from Love Drops

Love Drops

Bulgaria | Apr 2010 | 0:30
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
Hot wet bodies and drops of pure love

Svetlana's Journey

Bulgaria | 2005 | 40:00
Director: Michael Cory Davis
A gruesome look into the life of a 13-year-old girl sold into prostitution by her adopted parents and how she did the unthinkable to release herself f...
Image from Father


Bulgaria | Feb 2012 | 16:30
Director: Ivan Bogdanov
When did you last talk with your father? Will you ever ask him about those things that hurt you?
Image from Stanka Se Pribira Vkashti

Stanka Se Pribira Vkashti

Bulgaria | Apr 2010 | 15:00
Director: Maya Vitkova
When Stanka Atanasova, an elderly and sick woman, enters her block of flats, she discovers that the elevator is out of order. Stanka must use the stai...
Image from Parallel


Bulgaria | Mar 2010 | 4:00
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
A man who lives with his fears in his dreams and parallel with reality.
Is he going to escape from his paranoia or is it going to chase him forever? ...


Bulgaria | Jun 2010 | 11:40
Director: Ana Kitanova
A young woman tries to cure her insomnia with all kinds of pillows until she finds out that the pillow she really needs is the seller of pillow.
Image from They Are Waiting...

They Are Waiting...

Bulgaria | Jul 2009 | 11:19
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
In Eastern Europe, adults are forced to live under bad conditions, the young generation is forced to emigrate and the children are living with the dre...


Bulgaria | Sep 2009 | 6:10
Director: Todor Petrov
Somebody kill somebody. On the next they the man see his victim everywhere. He try to forget this but ...


Bulgaria | Sep 2010 | 12:00
Director: Sofia Stoycheva
A married lady asks her lover to run away, but he refuses. He is cought red-handed in yet another sex affair and she is bent on revenge. The husband, ...
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