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Image from Tupperware S3

Tupperware S3

Belgium | Jan 2010 | 3:09
Director: Charline Lancel
Display of a Tupperware product S3.
Image from Like, You, See

Like, You, See

Belgium | Jun 2003 | 5:22
Director: Evelien Hoedekie
An erotic film about a man in a jazzy bar that loses control over his psychedellic fantasy each time the sexy waitress serves him another red spicy dr...

Phone Story

Belgium | Apr 2009 | 16:00
Director: Berivan Binevsa
Mémo, a kurdish immigrant in Bruxelles, is managing a phone shop in the city.


Belgium | 2008
Director: Sacha Caloussis
A little boy with overflowing imagination, plays a game that will surely end in a bad way.
Image from Motel Motel

Motel Motel

Belgium | Jan 2016 | 20:20
Director: Ellen J. Babeliowsky
When Hjalmar inspects his room in an old, worn-out motel, he discovers a severed ear in the deep-pile carpet. During his search for the origin of the ...
Image from The All-American Alphabet

The All-American Alphabet

Belgium | Jun 2002 | 2:30
Director: Jonas Geirnaert
A fierce criticism on US imperialism.

Fureur Blanche

Belgium | Feb 2010 | 0:45
Director: Les Renzy
Fake trialer of seventies Euro Trash horror


Belgium | Sep 2010 | 14:15
Director: Nicolas Daenens
A 27-year old young man is walking through a busy shopping street. He is clearly fed up with people harassing him in the street.
Image from L'Attrape-Rêves


Belgium | Oct 2011 | 18:30
Director: Léo Médard
After a violent car accident, a woman faces a painful recovery and must deal with her difficult relationship with Jonas, her cruel teenage son.
Image from Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

Belgium | Jun 2007 | 12:55
Director: Eric Ledune
“If you don’ t violate someone’s human rights some of the time, you probably aren’ t doing your job.” Washington Post - December 26, 2002
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