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Bang Bang

Belgium | Jun 2011 | 19:45
Director: Raphaël Le Toux Lungo
Amedea has a lot of thing for be happy. Amedea is rich. Amedea has a brother who are a fashion designer, Giorgio Vivarelli. Amedea loves Giorgio. Gior...
Image from Eat Me Alive!

Eat Me Alive!

Belgium | Jan 2014 | 28:07
Directors: Geert Lenssens, Djuro Ongena
The Flemish womaniser G. who is punished by the Brazilian Pomba Giras for misusing their rituals, gets a new chance to finaly find peace.

Ortho !

Belgium | Jun 2015 | 21:00
Director: Nathalie Sartiaux
Qu’y a-t-il au fond de ce trou obscur creusé au centre du papier par la larme d’un enfant ? Quels sont ces hiéroglyphes étranges écrits sur ce tableau...

En fanfare

Belgium | 2005
Director: Véronique Jadin
Harry, jeune policier naïf et maladroit, récemment promu agent de quartier, hérite de sa première mission : Godelieve, 80 ans, n'a plus de nouvelles d...
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Belgium | Nov 2013 | 19:20
Director: Miklos Keleti
Hannah is a deaf-mute little girl however she hears a strange noise in a parc one day. Her mother doesn't believe her but Hannah is becoming more and ...


Belgium | Sep 2010 | 14:15
Director: Nicolas Daenens
A 27-year old young man is walking through a busy shopping street. He is clearly fed up with people harassing him in the street.

Au Nom de L'honneur

Belgium | Jun 2013 | 20:04
Director: Nathalie Leclercq
Lea, a young Lebanese, is pregnant. Lea takes refuge then at her brother's Elie, in Belgium, because the father of her baby is of Muslim confession. I...

Grise Mine

Belgium | 2009
Director: Rémi Vandenitte
Further to a firedamp explosion a miner is blocked in the mine.

Rien d'insoluble

Belgium | Sep 2005 | 14:58
Director: Xavier Seron
Henry est en train de craquer. Son frère Nicolas, impassible, continue de lui pourrir la vie. Ses problèmes semblent insolubles.A moins que...


Belgium | Jan 2008 | 11:00
Director: Danny De Vent
Four-year-old Jonas is having his first swimming lesson. He is very afraid and wants to go home. When trying to escape, he falls in the very deep pool...
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