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Image from The Dossier Case

The Dossier Case

Australia | Feb 2012 | 40:00
Director: Michael O'Halloran
An over-the-hill CIA agent gets in way over his head after a botched mission in Havana threatens to spark a new World War.

The Lake

Australia | Sep 2011 | 12:39
Director: Alexander Fisher
A grim memory is recalled by a lonely woman, as she eavesdrops on a young couple's crumbling relationship.

The Last One

Australia | 2009
Director: Carlo Ledesma
A man races against time to prevent the unthinkable from happening to the one he loves. As Alex recovers from a gunfight and regains his senses, he re...
Image from Left Unspoken

Left Unspoken

Australia | Jan 2009 | 6:46
Director: Avi Lewin
Have you ever loved someone but didn't have the courage to tell them how you feel? If you got the opportunity would you take a chance?

Eugenio En El Paraiso

Australia | Jan 2010 | 5:26
Director: Roberto Meza Mont
A young Peruvian, Eugenio arrives in Sydney for the first time. Full of optimism,he's finally made it to the paradise he has always dreamt of, has he?
Image from Quinkin


Australia | Aug 2011 | 14:58
Director: Michael Wannenmacher
In a future where it hasn't rained in living memory, two men hunt an inhuman creature. In doing so, they will lose their own humanity.

Blue Tongue

Australia | 2004 | 7:00
Director: Justin Kurzel
David Lynch meets Jane Campion. On the fringes of a housing estate a girl seduces a boy with a secret she will only reveal in exchange for his love. W...
Image from We Are Illuminated

We Are Illuminated

Australia | Nov 2010 | 13:00
Director: William Head
Night is bright in the city

My Brother Vinnie

Australia | 2006 | 24:00
Director: Steven McGregor
Aaron and Vinnie are two brothers who have grown up as each other’s shadow. Aaron has established a successful career as an actor, all the while being...
Image from Cracker Bag

Cracker Bag

Australia | Apr 2003 | 14:30
Director: Glendyn Ivin
Eddie spends her pocket money obsessively hoarding fireworks and carefully planning for cracker night. When it finally it arrives, Eddie and her famil...
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