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Scissors For Lefty "Ghetto Ways"

United States
Director: Danny Drysdale
The band members of Scissors for Lefty lose themselves in Jose Olivera's 1970's horror film "The Dead, The Devil and the Flesh" accompanied by their f...

Jane Lloyd

United Kingdom | 2005 | 5:37
Director: Happy
A musically driven narrative told entirely through vivid photography, Jane Lloyd centers around the protagonist's written name, following her life qui...
Image from Initial Prospect

Initial Prospect

United Kingdom | Jun 2008 | 4:15
Director: Ben Barton
Two people go on a journey to Derek Jarman’s famous ‘nuclear’ garden at Dungeness.
Image from A Life on Facebook

A Life on Facebook

France | Feb 2011 | 3:00
Director: Maxime Luère
A man's life told through the Facebook interface, from his date of subscription to his death. The day Alex Droner subscribes to Facebook, his life get...

Joel Levi "It’s Easy to Be Alone"

United States | Nov 2009 | 4:39
Director: Andrew Quinn
A man's journey as he copes with a lost love.
Image from Колискова


Ukraine | Apr 2013 | 3:39
Director: Oksana Voitenko
War takes away the son from the Mother. Now her lullaby sounds for all the soldiers who fell asleep forever.
Image from Symphony


United States | Jul 2008 | 5:19
Director: Erick Oh
A sentient creature tryies to escape from a reality of being swept away and assimilated into the mainstream, regardless of its own will.

TV on the Radio 'Me-I'

United States
Director: Daniel Garcia
A look at the fantastic life of an ordinary pigeon, set somewhere between dreams and nightmares.

The Wooden Birds

United States | Oct 2010 | 2:57
Director: Nick Dulworth
A robot lands on earth.
Image from Coco de Elevador

Coco de Elevador

Brazil | Sep 2013 | 3:54
Director: Paulo Passaro
An office worker is struggling to attract the girl of his dreams, a coworker. The question posed is this; Are his colleagues and his daily office task...
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