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Lust and Sin

Canada | Nov 2013 | 3:21
Director: Steven Gill
Victoria is seduced into a world of sin by a Satanic Priestess.

My Everything

United States | Jan 2011 | 4:30
Director: Ehren Addis
A young lost woman finds hope.
Image from Numb


Turkey | Jan 2014 | 1:34
Director: Enes Guc
The inside vision of a woman shows what she had been through in an abstract environment.
Image from Mata─影像之初


Taiwan | Feb 2017 | 49:00
Director: Li-Ming Cheng
Scottish photographer John Thomson’s trip to Taiwan in 1871 is an important historical event.


Slovakia | 2006 | 10:40
Director: Hossein Martin Fazeli
Mark is half-American, half-Slovak and he has strong beliefs. During a trip to Slovakia he meets Tomas, a shop assistant, who is wearing a T-shirt tha...
Image from Yolda


Turkey | Nov 2009 | 6:23
Director: Alper Oztekin
After a traffic accident, death comes for taking everything. Soul resists to the eternal power of the death which unites human, nature and time in its...

Alamo Night Lights

United States | Jul 2008 | 11:25
Director: Chris Wenk
Three minors attempt to steal beer from a gas station. See what happens...

A Vicinity Code

United Kingdom | 2008 | 5:00
Director: Thomas Whitworth
On a bizarre odyssey to discover some of the UK's weirdest village names, a young man stumbles upon a hidden code that probes at the current zeigeist.
Image from Paintedpie


Malaysia | May 2011 | 4:30
Directors: Mehdi Farrokhtala, Havish Thota, Kudzai Gumbo, Abdulrahman Alansari
An old painter who is sad about her husband’s passing is painting a pie alone in her caravan. Meanwhile a hungry boy with a growling stomach walks awa...
Image from Dry Death

Dry Death

India | Dec 2011 | 6:51
Director: Vivek Venugopal
An educated young man unexpectedly kills a little angel while trying to abuse her sexually as he is excessively drunk. The thought of this incident ha...
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