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Image from Dry Death

Dry Death

India | Dec 2011 | 6:51
Director: Vivek Venugopal
An educated young man unexpectedly kills a little angel while trying to abuse her sexually as he is excessively drunk. The thought of this incident ha...

The Young Knights - A Hymn to Surfers

United States | Jun 1964 | 40:00
Director: Joe Van Rogers
In Southern California in 1963, young men and their long board steeds battle the Sea and conquer it by becoming one with it.
Image from Loved One

Loved One

United Kingdom | Oct 2009 | 9:34
Director: Lalit Bhusal
Normal day in a elderly person’s life, going through his daily routine. A stormy day; he is polishing his treasured artifacts in his drawing room and ...
Image from Sur'e Sana

Sur'e Sana

Iran | Dec 1997 | 6:00
Director: Sassan Pesyan
Beyond the sky, clods twist round the pride mountain and shape a crystalline human. At the first he looks snobbishingly around. After a while, he scru...
Image from مدح التربه

مدح التربه

Turkey | Apr 2016 | 17:40
Director: Nahide Bereketoğlu
Kuca and İbn are two people who are depending on each other in order to stay a life. İbn, who is trying to sustain his common sense in spite of the de...
Image from 3 Acts

3 Acts

Macao | Feb 2010 | 10:03
Director: José Chaves
3 Acts is the name of the experiment.

3 is birth.

3 is the beginning, the middle and the end.

3 is you, me, and the world.

3 for me is Mac...
Image from The Power of Generations

The Power of Generations

Bahrain | Mar 2011 | 2:50
Director: Mohammed Jassim
The coming generations ought to maintain the developments and prosperity we have achieved.


Italy | May 2007 | 20:00
Director: Sergio Santilli
Four people, a difficult life, a decision to make
Image from Virtuos Virtuell

Virtuos Virtuell

Germany | Apr 2013 | 7:22
Directors: Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann
In synchronism to the music, abstract ink drawings ‘grow’ in the interplay of curiosity, timid encounters, dynamic pursuits and confrontation.
23 awards
Image from With or Without Your Hand

With or Without Your Hand

Finland | Dec 2009 | 7:17
Director: Rita Myllyntaus
A bride doll has lost her hand. She travels to Barcelona for searching her other hand. A man dancing with his hands reflects the feelings of the bride...
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