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Image from Après Le Feu

Après Le Feu

France | Jun 2010 | 7:09
Director: Jacques Perconte
A few miles from Ajaccio, Corsica, burnt land is buckling under the weight of its colors.
Image from O Céu No Andar De Baixo

O Céu No Andar De Baixo

Brazil | Nov 2010 | 15:00
Director: Leonardo Cata Preta
Since the 12-year-old Francisco make sky photographs. One day, something different appears in one of your photos changing his routine.
Image from Arheo 29

Arheo 29

Croatia | Mar 2010 | 9:30
Director: Vladislav Knezevic
If the new world ever existed, it is still hidden way behind the horizon. An analogue clock is ticking away the last seconds before world crisis. A si...

Her Wings

Canada | May 2010 | 19:00
Director: Judit Kenyeres
Women take flight on a Time Machine called The Swing, each one with her unique rhythm and mood, dances through Time and Space.
Image from Mata─影像之初


Taiwan | Feb 2017 | 49:00
Director: Li-Ming Cheng
Scottish photographer John Thomson’s trip to Taiwan in 1871 is an important historical event.

Atlantic Right Side Up: Perceptual Adaptation

Canada | Aug 2014 | 1:00
Director: Katarzyna Kochany
In one of his best known experiments, psychologist George Malcolm Stratton wore special glasses that inverted his vision upside down, to see how long ...
Image from The Web

The Web

United Kingdom | Jul 2009 | 2:44
Director: Ronald Wright
A man recounts a terrible dream, but is his existential vision of life's empty, finite horror a truthful revelation... or the memory of the moment he ...


United States | Apr 2013 | 11:47
Director: Esther Casas Roura
The global warming crisis brings together an unlikely group of abstract, anthropomorphic characters who unexpectedly are forced to confront the challe...
Image from Noroutine


Lithuania | 2007 | 15:00
Director: Jurate Samulionyte
A middle-age office worker, Henrikas, spends his days in endless routine. He is a loner, living in his own secret and colorful world of things. These ...
Image from Timberline


United States | Jan 2016 | 8:38
Director: Phillip Wade
In the vast wilderness of Mount Hood, four brothers are hunted by unearthly creatures.
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