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Image from Iemand Aan De Deur

Iemand Aan De Deur

Netherlands | Apr 2011 | 22:00
Director: Jan Nanne
While an unknown phenomena is getting grip on the world outside, a young man finds himself alone in his house with two strangers.
Image from A Penny for Them

A Penny for Them

United Kingdom | Jan 2015 | 13:24
Director: Paul Morel
An uptight English businessman is troubled by reoccurring nightmares of endlessly running for his life. Distraught and exhausted, he goes to see a Sca...
Image from Into the Wake

Into the Wake

United States | Mar 2011 | 11:30
Director: Mark Wiegers
A child lost in the Tsunami returns as a ghost to bring closure to her grieving mother.
Image from Folie Imposée

Folie Imposée

United States | Jan 2011 | 9:58
Director: Louis Mansfield
Suspiciously nervous, a man in his late thirties dims the light on to his bathroom and looks around. Glancing out the window his mind wonders off mome...


Canada | Oct 2015 | 5:33
Director: Xavier-Justin Nagy
A man is taken and tortured in a strange way for the enjoyment of another mysterious man.
Image from The Cube

The Cube

India | Mar 2011 | 5:30
Director: Bharadwaj Sundar
A girl waits for her friend inside a room.
Image from Manden I Skabet

Manden I Skabet

Denmark | Sep 2014 | 20:18
Director: John Tinning
Thorfinn must play a sadistic and dangerous guessing game with his unknown captor.

The Monkey and the Quiet Corpse

United States | Jun 2010 | 7:23
Director: Adam C. Thomas
A heroin addict loses his grip on sanity, and his world, centered around a clapper monkey toy, begins to unravel.
Image from Wanderer


Canada | May 2015 | 16:07
Directors: Jake Wilkens, Mark O'Brien
A young traveler is invited to stay the night at a couple's remote cottage in the California desert. The couple and the young man share a meal and a d...
2 awards
Image from Les Horizons Perdus

Les Horizons Perdus

France | Nov 2012 | 14:45
Director: Arnaud Khayadjanian
In Corsica, a young man who is a fisherman like his late father before him wishes to leave and discover new horizons.
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