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United States | Oct 2008 | 14:00
Director: Dempsey Tillman
Justin hangs by a thread in a nightmarish world of desperation. Sharp-tongued Visitor arrives at Justin's door and launches a relentless interrogation...
Image from Bad Romance

Bad Romance

Thailand | Jan 2010 | 12:35
Directors: Pun Homchuen, Onusa Donsawai
A man who love new drugs experiment uses his friend as a tester. She turns out to be an undead and he tries anything to take advantage of that.

The Lost Dream

Bangladesh | Aug 2011 | 12:40
Director: Mahdy Hasan
He waits. They wait. They are ready to sacrifice for their own country to bring a better future. But no dream becomes real if someone betrays.
Image from The Dossier Case

The Dossier Case

Australia | Feb 2012 | 40:00
Director: Michael O'Halloran
An over-the-hill CIA agent gets in way over his head after a botched mission in Havana threatens to spark a new World War.

Domino Falling

United States | Jan 2014 | 11:55
Director: Siavash Farahani
A restless hit man in Mexico is forced to carry out a gruesome task to save his love from a sadistic kingpin rumored to be the Devil himself.

Fall of Dusk

Finland | Feb 2013 | 6:00
Director: Anthony Fedorov
A man spends a normal day in the apocalyptic world of the future earth.


Austria | Jan 2010 | 11:57
Director: Christoph Rainer
Two brothers locked in the blackness of the basement. The father persists an anonymous threat from the Off. The both boys try tensely to reconstruct t...
Image from Pulp Kitchen

Pulp Kitchen

Switzerland | Jan 2010 | 10:00
Director: Fritz Muri
A young woman makes breakfast for her lover, who has spent the night after a dispute elsewhere.
Image from 3665


Spain | Sep 2013 | 15:05
Director: Miguel A. Refoyo
In a post-apocalyptic future, a man puts his life at stake to recover the collective memory of humanity.
Image from Condemned


United States | Jan 2010 | 14:00
Director: Oren Shai
1959. Desperate, branded, forgotten by the law, Female Convict #1031 fights to stay alive in the concrete womb. Condemned by her fellow inmates and in...
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