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Austria | Jan 2010 | 11:57
Director: Christoph Rainer
Two brothers locked in the blackness of the basement. The father persists an anonymous threat from the Off. The both boys try tensely to reconstruct t...

Domino Falling

United States | Jan 2014 | 11:55
Director: Siavash Farahani
A restless hit man in Mexico is forced to carry out a gruesome task to save his love from a sadistic kingpin rumored to be the Devil himself.


United States | Aug 2011 | 14:17
Director: Kashyap Rao
Triplicane Mani Iyer is an upcoming Don in Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India. Over a territorial dispute with Bala, the head of the dominant crime...

I Killed the Devil

United States | Feb 2014 | 9:00
Director: Dan Harris
A man is searching for his wife's killer in the supernatural underworld of San Francisco.
Image from Cold Feet

Cold Feet

Canada | Jun 2013 | 13:07
Director: Daniel D'Alimonte
In a delicatessen, Andy gets a request from his employer, Herman, asking him to dispose of a dead body using his bone saw and butcher's knife.
Image from Halbschlaf


Switzerland | Dec 2010 | 8:00
Director: Johannes Hartmann
Confusion through dream and reality.
4 awards
Image from Eufemismos


Spain | Apr 2014 | 1:20
Director: Alfonso Díaz
A veces los políticos usan demasiados eufemismos. ¿Hasta dónde alcanzará la avaricia y la corrupción?
Image from La Voûte

La Voûte

France | Apr 2017 | 24:59
Director: Gentet Leïla
Corentin looks up to his childhood friend, Leo, rather popular, and tries to be like him to fit in better. One night. A party disrupted by a strange y...

Ok, Nothing

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 7:07
Director: Michael Modestowicz
Everything is lying there, in his bed, on the hospital dying ward. His friend and companion, Nothing, came to visit. He's talking to the Doctor. He's ...

Cab 57

United States | Sep 2011 | 17:20
Director: Apo W. Bazidi
Azad is an immigrant cab driver whose mundane life is filled with faces that appear in his rear view mirror in the City of Angels.
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