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Torture by Hope

Germany | Nov 2010 | 17:32
Director: Marc Schaumburg
Germany 1943, young Hannah Baumann is suspected in collaborating with a Jewish resistance group and therefore, kept imprisoned by a SS Gestapo unit.
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Germany | Jul 2005 | 9:16
Director: Michael Wolf
It is already very late, when Kathrin finally comes home. Suddenly, she hears eerie noises coming from the first floor. Something has happened...

Din Umbra

Romania | Jan 2015 | 11:00
Director: Radu Nicolae
Iulian loves life. He also loves women. He seems to be unable to settle for one, although he has a girlfriend. But when women turn him down, he doesn'...
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Italy | Mar 2011 | 10:50
Director: Elisa Resinaro
A boy is driving at crazy speed on a highway with an injured girl by his side. Who or what are they running away from? How is the ring of a mobile pho...


Turkey | Jan 2011 | 7:05
Director: Erol Çelik
“I can’t do much more.. don’t ask me for more.” To make war is one of the basic instinct for the mankind and struggle never ends due to war.
Image from Blind Date

Blind Date

Norway | Apr 2014 | 14:45
Director: Maria Askedal
Anne Marthe is on a blind date with Olav. But what was supposed to be a walk around a lake turns out to be a long trip in the forest. Suddenly she fin...
Image from Yek Darajeye Lanati

Yek Darajeye Lanati

Iran | Jul 2010 | 17:50
Director: Hesam Dehghani
Kiana is a 15 year old school girl. She is shocked, when she realizes her best friend, Sara, has another identity. Kiana is now forced to do a job tha...
Image from Wild Ruse

Wild Ruse

United States | Oct 2013 | 26:06
Director: David French
Damien, a former cop, hires a seedy thief called "Red" to help him pull a heist on one of the most notorious gangsters in the city, The Wolf.

Night of the Vampire

United States | Oct 2011 | 9:10
Director: Owen Mulligan
Two friends go on an overnight hike near Bennington, Vermont but end up hunted by a hideous vampire. This is the footage that was found of the inciden...


United Kingdom | Apr 2011 | 16:22
Director: Gaz Westman
A young mans indulgence in his own imagination, creates a fantasy that leads to his self destruction.
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