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Wrong Place

Canada | May 2014 | 6:21
Director: Rocko Paolo
A rastafarian is begging for cigarettes. A well dressed black man arrives, waiting for someone. Three mobsters show up and wonder what these two are d...

Wo Chi Shi Yi Chi Pao

Taiwan | Jul 2008 | 10:32
Director: Hsin-Wei Chen
The Dynamic depletion of body or the spirit wondering around? The differences between movement and still. The measurable distance opposite to the dist...


Germany | Mar 2010 | 12:30
Director: Christian Bahlo
The idea of a fake-kidnapping brings four young-ones to the edge of their lives.
Image from Modern Crusader

Modern Crusader

Slovakia | Feb 2012 | 6:56
Director: Ladislav Trojak
It happens quite often in our lives, that we want to change things in a positive way, things that according to us are wrong and bad. But it happens ev...
Image from Coffee


United Kingdom | May 2014 | 8:50
Director: Joshua Rayworth
In the subconscious, an anonymous man faces adversity when his ability to choose is no longer in his hands.
Image from Magic Kisa

Magic Kisa

France | Dec 2008 | 32:40
Director: Mathieu Saliva
Twin brothers meet again after years of separation. One leaves prison and the other lined up and founded a family. Associated by long years of swindle...


Egypt | Jan 2013 | 18:17
Director: Bahaa El Gamal
A gramophone breaks the silence. They are getting dressed up to meet the coming visitors. She is searching for the butterfly necklace. She founds a gu...
Image from Malcolm Ferro - Caza Rept - Capitulo Uno: Una Cita a Ciegas

Malcolm Ferro - Caza Rept - Capitulo Uno: Una Cita a Ciegas

Chile | Sep 2014 | 32:51
Director: Christian Leonardo Talarico Bidegain
Malcolm Ferro, a very special bounty hunter, receives a call from a girl he met in a hairdresser and invites her to take a coffee, but nothing happens...

Baby Fight

United States | Jun 2009 | 3:03
Director: Paul Gutches
In an apocalyptic world, even babies must fight to survive.
Image from FunTimes


United Kingdom | Nov 2011 | 9:36
Director: Joe Carter
In the sleepy seaside town of Morecambe, loner teenager Nathan wanders the gloomy streets on the winter break, desperately trying to avoid the gang th...
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