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Image from Two Left Hands

Two Left Hands

Switzerland | Jun 2011 | 4:30
Directors: Steven Blatter, Carl White
In what appears to be the worst day of his life, a man bumps and bashes his way to love.

Lovebound: Love Abounds

United States | Mar 2012 | 21:40
Director: Ryan McDuffie
Action. Betrayal. Therapy. Heartbroken naif Henry Stain is about to see it all.

Le Carrousel Atomique

Switzerland | Jun 2011 | 17:54
Director: Xavier Ducry
An old blackboard narrates the story of Little Manfred and his obsession with carousels. Little Man also has a problem - when he is shouted at, he gro...
Image from Double Agent

Double Agent

United States | Mar 2013 | 6:35
Director: Jason Sotolongo
Double Agent is an action thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last frame of the film.

Crazy on the Rocks

India | Jul 2007 | 14:22
Director: Altaf Mazid
650,000 people of 116 villages, mostly of Bodo ethinc majority is taking a river home in Assam near Indu-Bhutan international border region.
Image from 101 Damnations

101 Damnations

United States | May 2008 | 9:05
Director: Dan Allen
When they killed Man's Best Friend, Man found a new best friend: Revenge. In search of vengeance, a relentless man carves a path of destruction where ...
Image from The Pencil Man

The Pencil Man

Spain | Jan 2009 | 1:30
Director: Santiago Usoz
Two female students have disappeared at Miskatonic University. Police is confused. But Mike knows something. Pencils are the clue. But no one believes...
Image from Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

Greece | Oct 2009 | 10:00
Director: Srdjan Milosavljevic
A guy has been mistakenly abducted by a local gang.

El Reciclaje de Colores

Nicaragua | Jul 2012 | 14:45
Director: Xavier Ducry
A group of teenagers of a poor neigbourhood in Managua set up a project to recycle plastic bottles that sprinkle their streets.
Image from Modern Crusader

Modern Crusader

Slovakia | Feb 2012 | 6:56
Director: Ladislav Trojak
It happens quite often in our lives, that we want to change things in a positive way, things that according to us are wrong and bad. But it happens ev...
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