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Rojo Red

Colombia | 2008 | 13:00
Director: Juan Manuel Betancourt Calero
After being punished for not wearing his orthopedic shoes, Federico decides to run away. Suddenly, Federico falls getting his foot caught in a fabric ...
Image from Cruise Patrol

Cruise Patrol

Netherlands | Jun 2013 | 7:25
Directors: Bobby De Groot, Arjan Van Meerten
On a long and dusty road a routine cruise patrol takes a strange turn and spirals totally out of control.
Image from A Superhero's Best Friend

A Superhero's Best Friend

United States | Sep 2013 | 0:23
Director: Steve Cleberg
Patrick has always wanted to be a superhero. In spite of the fact that he knows all there is to know about comic book mythology, he simply can’t make ...
Image from Cedarville


United States | Feb 2014 | 21:23
Director: Mat Grimes
Three friends enjoy checking out haunted places around town, until something unexpected happens.
Image from Deadlock


Finland | Aug 2006 | 39:40
Directors: Elias Lehtinen, John Åhman
Deep in a snow-laden forest stands a desolate tower. Within it, a folder lies hidden. John and his two friends have set out on a mission to obtain thi...

Galactic Regulations

Sweden | Sep 2016 | 18:00
Director: Hugo Nygren
Two rebellion soldiers is sent on a mission to destroy the evil galactic regulations jaming towers that blocks their communications with the outer wor...

Easy Pickins

Canada | Aug 2009 | 6:37
Director: Darryl Callcott
A mild-mannered security guard must save the day when robbers hold up his bank using unconventional methods.
Image from Gatves Vaikai

Gatves Vaikai

Lithuania | Jun 2013 | 18:30
Director: Darius Silenas
Ieva is an orphan and belongs to a street gang. The gang, led by violent and abusive Marius, makes a living by robbing wealthy men after Ieva had sedu...

Triple Nature

Sweden | Aug 2014 | 15:00
Director: Fredrik Lindau
A woman gets lost in the forest after a fight with her boyfriend. She finds a small house and asks for directions from the man living there. He invite...
Image from Let There Be Animal

Let There Be Animal

United Kingdom | Feb 2011 | 7:30
Director: Anthony Zygavicius
A young man's morals are tested by the rough streets of London.
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