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Image from Sitiados


Brazil | Apr 2010 | 12:20
Director: Marcello Quintella e Boynard
A rainy night at one site so far. Beth and her husband wake up with strange noises inside home. A man, a woman and an invader, besieged by an endless ...

Missile Crisis

United States | Aug 2010 | 16:00
Director: Jaye Sarah Davidson
Two brothers, Miles (13) and Danny (9), are faced with their parents' rocky marriage and the announcement of the build-up of nuclear missiles in Cuba....
Image from Big Willow

Big Willow

United States | Feb 2013 | 10:29
Director: Jared Katsiane
Can a young artist’s creativity save his favorite willow tree from bulldozers?
Image from nobblycarrot7


United Kingdom | Oct 2013 | 20:35
Director: Josh Allott
Ruby is a fruit and veg vendor who has learnt the ways of the world through Youtube tutorials and spends her days hiding behind her computer screen. W...


Canada | Jul 2013 | 4:33
Director: Vincent Bergeron
From my life, I only remember apparitions, a lot of relationships suggested, then they became impossibles. Aborted wife instead of substance that coul...

How to Kill Your Clone

United States | Dec 2011 | 4:48
Director: Jack McWilliams
Due to nearly identical physical and mental abilities, Dick must hire the third party Clone Killer Corporation to rid him of his own Clone who is just...
Image from Home Was the Sailor

Home Was the Sailor

Canada | Jun 2011 | 3:40
Director: Seana Kozar
An old sailor finds himself abandoned in the sea. Along comes a boat to his rescue. Wistfully, the sailor realizes that he is getting too old for the ...

The Last Bogatyr

United States | Jul 2009 | 17:00
Director: Sarah R. Lotfi
The most dangerous thing in war is faith.
Image from Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Colombia | Jan 2011 | 4:00
Director: Alvaro D. Ruiz
Past. Present.


Canada | Jan 2011 | 5:56
Director: Aadhi Vive
Nasser Younis Khan has a highly respectable degree from a top school in England and a career in architecture that is quickly blossoming in Asia. Fille...
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