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Image from Dorien


Germany | Sep 2014 | 28:43
Director: Johann Scholz
Inspired by 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', three friends are confronted with the question, how much relinquishment, independence and egoism can love be...
Image from Teclópolis


Argentina | Nov 2009 | 12:10
Director: Javier Mrad
Once upon a time old magazines dancing in the wind. Suddenly, a mouse; and then a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny, while a s...

2010'un Ilk Günü

Turkey | Jul 2011 | 6:52
Director: Gözde Efe
Deniz and Gözde, two students, live in a small town. One day, a guest comes to their sweet house from far, far away. Their monotone life changes.


Kosovo | Aug 2013 | 20:00
Director: Lendita Zeqiraj
Jeton, a 10-year-old boy is sitting on the edge of a balcony on the 4th floor. Neighbours and passers-by, terrified by this situation, call the police...
Image from The Kiss

The Kiss

Australia | Jan 2010 | 15:40
Director: Ashlee Page
On a stifling hot night, two teenage girls, fueled by alcohol and raging hormones embark on an ill-fated quest to cool off.
5 awards
Image from Guilt


United States | May 2012 | 10:52
Director: Adam Smalley
A woman is on a surreal and frightening journey, coming to terms with the death of her mother.

Mowing Through Misery

United States | Mar 2012 | 4:43
Director: Steven Boatman
Ever had trouble mowing your lawns? Well, this man mows through misery.

The Blue Bike

United States | Aug 2011 | 14:00
Director: Hong Zhou
A little boy wants a blue bike badly, but his family can not afford it.
Image from Beats


Norway | Jun 2011 | 10:18
Director: Espen Skagen
Two young people gets pushed into a bedroom at the last party before the summer ends.
Image from Waffle


United States | Jul 2010 | 5:08
Director: Rafael De Leon Jr.
A disfigured science fair champion invites her new friend over for dinner, but by the time dessert comes around, the two schoolmates will discover eac...
2 awards
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