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Image from Mitachat La'Or

Mitachat La'Or

Israel | Jan 2011 | 15:15
Director: Assaf Snir
A young man meets a leper girl in 1940's Jerusalem.

Self Inflicted

United States | Nov 2012 | 9:22
Director: Ross Williams
Jim's just a regular guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who's looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find...
Image from Coffee


United Kingdom | May 2014 | 8:50
Director: Joshua Rayworth
In the subconscious, an anonymous man faces adversity when his ability to choose is no longer in his hands.
Image from Extrema


United States | Jun 2014 | 12:01
Director: Ricardo Jabardo
A conquistador on his deathbed sees the horror of his action in America materialize.


United States | Jul 2010 | 11:20
Director: Christopher Fernandez
After a workplace affair, Andre has fallen in love with his boss, Lynne. When Lynne recommits herself to her husband Andre is left emotionally distrau...
Image from Al Telefono

Al Telefono

Italy | Mar 2012 | 8:31
Director: Simona Irrera
Emanuela is back home to have dinner, she receives several phone calls: her mum over-control her, the travel agency cancels her holiday, then, her fri...

La Settimana Prossima

Italy | Sep 2009 | 11:00
Director: Andrea Monzani
A man stares into the drawn lines of his pencil to relive a reality he lost on a ordinary family day. It's a journey through the illusions of a man, w...
Image from Number 51

Number 51

Australia | Nov 2012 | 9:49
Director: Hannah Fitzpatrick
Love and loyalty clash as a married man attempts to complete a item on his bucket list.

Helland: L'inferno Terrestre

Italy | Sep 2012 | 23:06
Director: Alessio Messina
A young man has survived a Holocaust caused by madness, insanity and fear. In the year 2026, what was intended as the breakthrough scientific discover...
Image from One, Two, Three!

One, Two, Three!

United States | May 2010 | 4:30
Director: Justin Cassano
Wrestling match between a boy and his bear. Mom keeps a close watch.
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