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Image from 象山


United States | Jun 2009 | 15:12
Directors: Mier Tang, Dalton Grant, Jr
This is a Chinese myth about an ancient elephant that is left behind by the gods. yet manages to discover his own power and purpose on earth.
Image from Der Nachbar

Der Nachbar

Germany | Feb 2013 | 8:36
Increasing paranoia drives a young, respectable businessman increasingly insane, he tries to escape in his office.
Image from Преломление


Norway | Jul 2012 | 3:33
Director: Dimitri Lurie
Black and white urban dreams refract into restrained colors of the pristine northern landscape and pulsate in the rhythms and prophetic mutterings of ...


Belgium | May 2010 | 33:11
Director: Michiel Vaernewijck
A boy and girl meet in the capital city of Belgium. There they fall in love, but in a strange way: they don't speak each other's language, so they dec...


Romania | Oct 2011 | 10:03
Director: Alexandru-Tudor Plapcianu
Five strangers gather to discuss the mysterious presence of penguins in a park, unaware of their plan for world domination.
Image from Yadorigi: A Village in Portraits

Yadorigi: A Village in Portraits

Japan | Apr 2012 | 28:58
Director: Eiji Iwakawa
Through the gentle portrayal of three unexpected, bohemian characters in a small village Japan - a Junk Collector, an Organic Farmer, and a Circus Tra...

I am Monster

United States | Feb 2014 | 17:35
Directors: Lori Bowen, Shannon Lark
Vivienne's extraordinary fetishism has taken her to a new level: necrophilia. She gets her kicks by violating the dead in a hospital morgue on the out...
Image from Reset


United States | Apr 2012 | 10:02
Director: Carla Forte
Ruben, a lower-class visual artist, has decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within his own imagination; creating a world parallel t...


Lithuania | Aug 2011 | 5:00
Director: Kristijonas Dirsė
After escaping from a Box in a surreal dream and founding a real contact with outer world also within a dream, a recluse is beginning to change his op...
Image from Hyperloop Dreams

Hyperloop Dreams

United States | Sep 2016 | 13:28
Director: Kenji Harman
A deaf man lives a nightmare inside out.
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