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Image from Mikka


Canada | Jun 2012 | 6:00
Director: Alexandre Carrière
Through a series of flashes, a dying man relives the last few hours of his life.
Image from Black Sheep

Black Sheep

United Kingdom | Mar 2010 | 6:36
Director: Sam Hendi
Laura, a rebellious teenager spends the night away from home without informing her elder sister where she has been. After searching throughout the nig...

Waking at Dawn

United Kingdom | Feb 2012 | 19:38
Director: Onyinye Egenti
Northern Nigeria, 1966: 11yr old Khalid is is forced to run out into the middle of the night to save his 11yr old Christian friend, Obi, from a religi...
Image from Memento Mori

Memento Mori

Belgium | Jul 2012 | 9:40
Director: Daniela Wayllace
In a mourning ceremony the photographer takes a picture of a little girl. With a sorrowful face, the mourners leave the room, leaving it surrounded by...
Image from Kortfilm Nr.1

Kortfilm Nr.1

Belgium | Jun 2009 | 10:30
Director: Vincent Langouche
Three bored teenagers stab an innocent passer by in the middle of a public square. The bystanders do not seem to care or are to scared to react. How w...


United States | May 2011 | 8:30
Director: Christian Humes
A dystopian American society survives but fails to progress in it’s authoritarian and corporate ruled world. The world outside of this locked in socie...

Tell My Story

United Kingdom | Mar 2012 | 13:34
Director: Rajesh Shinde
Dan Keller is a well-respected journalist given the task of investigating a recent sexual murder. David Gill's body has been found dumped in a nearby ...

The Coat

Slovakia | Nov 2012 | 22:22
Director: Peter Magat
In Winter 1944, in the Slovakian mountains, advancing Russians force the Germans to retreat. It costs them a lot of soldiers' souls. Vasja, a shell-sh...
Image from Scrappy


United States | Sep 2016 | 4:17
Director: Dawn Westlake
Quick action on the side of love can sometimes conquer hate.
Image from Two Left Hands

Two Left Hands

Switzerland | Jun 2011 | 4:30
Directors: Steven Blatter, Carl White
In what appears to be the worst day of his life, a man bumps and bashes his way to love.
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