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Image from Drat


Canada | Dec 2010 | 11:00
Director: Farzin Farzaneh
A woman is living alone in a country house. Her solitary routine is disrupted when she suspects that some kind of animal is trying to invade her home....
Image from Sold


United States | Sep 2010 | 12:20
Director: John Irwin
A young journalist named Maya has inadvertently gotten captured into a human trafficking ring while doing an investigative article on the treatment of...
Image from Hysteria


United Kingdom | Oct 2010 | 10:39
Director: Sam Hendi
A lonely night in becomes a terrifying event when an unexpected stranger comes looking for help.

Date Night

United States | Jun 2011 | 14:54
Director: Joops Fragale
He was everything She imagined. An unexpected night offers the truth about the perfect dream date.


Georgia | Jun 2011 | 1:02
Director: Kakha Abuashvili
A boy and girl fall in love but it ends in violence.

Damn Your Eyes

United States | May 2009 | 20:00
Director: David Guglielmo
Sam, a mysterious stranger, arrives in town to exact revenge on the men who wronged him when he was only a child. He encounters Louisa, a prostitute w...

Good Boy

United States | May 2013 | 8:29
Director: Andy Carrillo
A man attempts to move an object with his mind to exact revenge on someone close to him.

O Risco

Portugal | May 2011 | 2:06
Director: José Pedro Lopes
On a remote road, two friends try out a magic chalk that was bought online. According to the site, if someone crosses a line drawn with that chalk, hi...
Image from L'esclave du Mâl(e)

L'esclave du Mâl(e)

Morocco | Jul 2015 | 19:59
Director: Mohcine Nadifi
Three lives collide and go over the dark side.

Color of Anger

United States | Oct 2011 | 9:35
Director: Vishesh Sharma
A teenage boy's natural instinct is to revolt and rebel against his domineering abusive father with use of drugs and extreme athleticism. In a drug in...
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