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Image from Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy

Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy

South Africa | Sep 2012 | 15:00
Director: Nadine Hutton
The Killarney Houseboy is an older gay man who was once the (caviar and) toast of the gay rave scene. He takes care of the homes of residents in a hig...
Image from Sold


United States | Sep 2010 | 12:20
Director: John Irwin
A young journalist named Maya has inadvertently gotten captured into a human trafficking ring while doing an investigative article on the treatment of...
Image from Ambition of Love

Ambition of Love

United States | Apr 2011 | 18:06
Director: Christopher Zatta
An ex-boxer turns bodyguard for the mob. A femme fatale lures him in. They scheme against an aging gangster. An outsider is poised as a threat. As eac...
Image from Rab Da Vaasta...

Rab Da Vaasta...

India | Jul 2013 | 10:45
Director: Chakravarty Devulapalli
Must you kill in order to live? A small time barber with a traumatic past deliberates and faces an epiphany of sorts.
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Image from Heimweh


Germany | Nov 2010 | 16:17
Director: Mia Meyer
Stefan breaks into cars and steals money to support his emotionally distant mother and younger brother who live in an urban council estate. Whilst he ...
Image from Anywhere


Spain | Mar 2015 | 12:45
Director: Gonzalo Visedo
Two people go out jogging: She does it on a regular basis as a hobby; He does it for other reasons. Everything happens in a normal day, in broad dayli...
Image from A Conversation with Mr. D

A Conversation with Mr. D

United States | Jan 2009 | 25:00
Director: James McDonald
When Death comes calling, what happens next is a conversation with Mr. D.
Image from Red


United Kingdom | Mar 2016 | 20:00
Director: Branko Tomovic
A damaged and guilt-ridden man who works in the underground world of illegal organ smuggling is looking for a way out.
Image from The Voice of God

The Voice of God

India | Jan 2011 | 9:35
Director: Bernd Luetzeler
If God would come down to earth and try to earn a living in Bombay, most probably he would very soon become successful as a voice over artiste, lendin...
Image from Zacarías 14:12

Zacarías 14:12

Venezuela | Sep 2012 | 16:31
Director: Federico Dib
Four secluded survivors of a terrible pandemic, have to make a choice when they find out apocalypse has begun.
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